We’re Putting On Our Winter Rally Caps!

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We have been segregating data for most of the last two-plus seasons to keep SkiNC information separate from SkiSoutheast content.  Occasionally when our schedule’s a bit tight we have combined the two and you guys seem to like that.  Today we’re combining the content to reflect the full Southeast update on both sites for a different reason.  If Old Man Winter won’t come to us – then we will go to him!  This website is about SNOW and since it bypassed us in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia we’re going to throw a little snow excitement in here just to see if we can’t do something to fool Mother Nature into getting with the normal winter pattern across the entire Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Editor’s Note: Remember that normally you can see all of the Southeast’s happenings by visiting www.SkiSoutheast.com after you’ve read www.SkiNorthCarolina.com

Snow to the North (and lots of it!)

Lori Epp of Wisp Resort and Andrea Smith of Snowshoe really kept in constant contact with us yesterday updating every couple of hours just how much more snow they were getting.  At one point Lori emailed us a photo of a ruler stuck down in the snow. The Southeast’s most Northerly resort (Wisp) picked up 6” more snow yesterday and 9” since Tuesday.  Photos reflect a pristine day up in Maryland.

Ditto for Andrea Smith…but add four inches!  Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia emailed me numerous times with some photos and updates…all showing hard snowfall!  Snowshoe picked up another 10” of snow yesterday and 13” since Tuesday!

Both Wisp and Snowshoe, along with neighbors at Canaan Valley and Timberline are all skiing on some nice POWDER conditions today! Canaan Valley and Timberline received 6” of snow as well.

While we are talking about Wisp Resort, Lori emailed us some notes about this weekend’s “Wisp Winter Weekend”.  According to Public Relations Coordinator, Lori Epp, “It’s going to be off the hook!”

Check out the event schedule below…and if you’re up that way, get us some photos!


10am  Freestyle Festival – skier and rider competition
11am  NextSnow Event – slopestyle
1pm  NextSnow Event – haflpipe
2pm  NextSnow event – Moguls/Big Air
3pm  Asylum Rail Jam
6-10pm Bear Claw Snow Tubing Party $30pp.
7pm  Community Project Video in the Halfpipe
7:30-midnight Stage Wisp Concert featuring Army of Me
8pm  Collegiate Rail Jam
10am  Boarder X Event on Whip Saw Terrain Trail
1pm First Redbull Sledneck Snowmobile Show 
1:45  Collegiate Slopestyle Event
2:30  Collegiate Halfpipe Event
4pm Second Redbull Sledneck Snowmobile Show
Autograph session with Redbull Slednecks

We are damned jealous!

The Rest of the Southeast’s Resort Got in on the COLD TEMPS!

Alright so we didn’t get the snow, but all of the Southeast’s resorts got plenty of cold temps and that means some record snowmaking was happening.  Wisp reported 15° this morning; Ski Beech in the North Carolina Mountains (and home of the highest elevation ski area in the Eastern United States) was at 13° when we checked the temps this morning. Sugar Mountain reported 17°

Those kind of cold temps meant that the snowguns were blasting and they will continue to as long as temps allow…which MAY be all day in most areas.  Snowmaking will continue around the clock tonight and into Friday until they finally turn off at some point in the day – tomorrow.

These cold and snowy conditions will make for some SWEET conditions no matter where you choose to ski or ride today.  With the blue skies that are forecasted to pop through…be SURE to email your best photos to us and let us share our great fortune with everyone off the mountain!

Here’s some notes from around the region:

Hawksnest was closed last night due to high winds and we were looking at their webcam this morning and were surprised to see that they were not making snow.  According to one source, they were firing the guns up NOW, and will make snow as long as temps allow.  Seems that the reason they didn’t make snow overnight is that the power company has them “on control” and they couldn’t fire up until now.  The groomers were out early and conditions should be much improved today…and even better as snowmaking continues.

While we are on the subject of Hawksnest, we want to make you guys aware of the NEST GAMES that will be happening at Hawksnest on January 29th.  CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE INFORMATION!

Today is MEN’S DAY at Ski Beech.  All guys ski free today and tonight.  Ski Beech has 13 of 15 trails operating and they are making snow as long as temps allow…which means take your goggles!  It is truly amazing how nice things look at Ski Beech this morning!

In closing, yes it IS cold today and YES some of our resorts got a lot of snow!  But this weekend is looking mild again and there’s some rain in the Sunday forecast.  We need to get a more NORMAL winter pattern of weather going.

Okay, we’ve turned our RALLY CAPS around by changing up this morning’s system of updating. (Hey they do it in the pros.  It just MAY work!)

YOU GUYS need to get with the program too!  Do you snow dances, pray to God, THINK SNOW and COLD!  Do something!  According to weather experts, we’re looking at some COLD air all bottled up way up north and west…just WAITING for somewhere to go.  We say, “How about the Southeast!”

Until Next Time!

Be sure to check out www.SkiSoutheast.com for more news and stories for all of the Southeast’s ski areas.

Be sure to email photos, snow reports and comments to: [email protected]

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