We’re In for a Windy, Dry Day in North Carolina! Rainy, Fogging and Not so Good Into WV and Maryland.

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As Laura Parquette of Snowshoe Mountain said this morning – "It looks like someone forgot to tell ‘ma Nature’ that this was a long, holiday weekend as some moderate to heavy rain is falling pretty much from from Virginia northward. We’re seeing a dry, but cloudy day in the North Carolina Mountains and that is good news for skiers and snowboarders here for President’s Day. It has been a windy weekend for most of the region with some disruptive winds being reported at several ski areas.

Samantha Denaro of Washington, D.C. wrote, "I’m a new skier and was on the bunny slopes of Wisp Resort on Saturday and wearing a loose jacket. One wind came along and pushed me across the slopes. One time I was waving my arms around trying to keep my balance and my boyfriend told me my jacket was acting like a sail as one wind about knocked me down. I was told it’s always windy when you’re skiing. Is that true?"

No Samantha, that’s not true. However, we’ve ALL seen those kind of windy days when you either get pushed or have to ski against the wind. I was flying down Shawneehaw one day when a wind came roaring from the bottom of the mountain, upwards to the top of the mountain bringing me almost to a complete stop. It happens and we received a lot of emails and reports about some heavy winds across the region this past weekend.

According to the forecast, we’ll see another breezy day today – even where it isn’t raining. We’re also in for another mild day today as temps are forecasted to reach 60° at Banner Elk, and 52° or so in portions of the West Virginia mountains. While it is dry in the NC mountains – we’re seeing 70-80% chances of rain and even some thunderstorms across West Virginia and Maryland. There’s a good chance for moderate rain at the Virginia ski areas today as well.

Some ski area websites are forecasting some chances of snow tonight. We’re thinking that we’ll see some rain later this evening across most of the region with perhaps a wintry mix at some of the highest elevations.

Thankfully we are seeing some chances of snowmaking temps overnight Tuesday and Wednesday nights. However we’re also seeing good chances for more wet weather heading in this weekend.

We’ll have to keep one eye on the forecast ahead and update you as we get a little closer to the weekend.

We’re experiencing some server issues this morning so I’m going to cut this update a little short today so I can get to handling those and we’ll see you guys Tuesday morning.

Enjoy you day. Stay dry, stay out of the wind and let’s hope we see some colder air arriving in the next week or so.


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