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If you are wanting to ski or ride anywhere in the Southeast now…your choices are limited and only one state has got it. West Virginia. Snowshoe Mountain Report and Timberline Resort in West Virginia are both offering some great Spring Conditions with lots of snow. We won’t belabor the point that Timberline’s base depth hasn’t dropped in four days. Regardless, both Snowshoe and Timberline are boasting MINIMUM base depths of nearly four feet, so thin coverage and bare spots should not be spotted anywhere on either of the these resorts. That’s great news to skiers and riders. The messageboard has seen several entries from people planning to make one last trip this weekend, before they call it quits for the season.

Timberline Resort will close this Sunday, April 3rd and Snowshoe still plans on squeaking out another week from the 2004-2005 season by staying open through April 10th.

What’s this weekend’s forecast? – We’re only getting about 1/100th of the normal emails that we’d see during most of this season, but ALL of them (13 to be exact!) yesterday asked the same question, or a derivative of it. "We’re thinking of making a trip to Snowshoe this weekend and were wondering about the weather for this weekend."

Tommy Baldwin of Columbia, South Carolina wrote, "My wife and I noticed that your SkiSoutheast weather information yesterday alluded to rain for Thursday and Friday and then maybe some snow for this weekend. We’re on Snowshoe’s website and they don’t mention the rain. Who’s right?"

Well…all we can do is report what we know from the sources that we receive data from and you decide. We can tell you that Snowshoe’s website forecasted temperatures are mostly the same that our sources are forecasting except for Saturday night’s low. There’s seems to be forecasting about 12° colder than our sources are saying. As for the precip, Snowshoe tends to go (like we do) with the "glass half full theory" in that they don’t report rain in their forecast if it’s only a 30% chance, thinking that it is a 70% chance it won’t rain. However, being the snow lovers that they are up there, they ARE showing the snow in their forecast, even though there’s only a 30% chance of it. Two of the three sources that we receive data from are actually forecasting a mix of rain and snow for both Saturday and Sunday. Here’s what they are saying the weather will be at Snowshoe for the next few days.

Today – Beautiful, Sunny Skies – Highs near 60° and low tonight around 40°

Thursday – 50% chance of Rain – High 59° – Low 39°

Friday – 80% chance of Rain – High 53° – Low 31°

Saturday – 30% of Rain and Snow Mix – High 33° – Low 27°

Sunday – 30% of Rain and Snow Mix – High 40° – Low 36°

Then MOST of next week looks nice (Monday through Wednesday) with partly cloudy skies and temps in the 50s. Unfortunately it looks like we’re in one of those patterns that bring up good weather in the middle of the week and rain on the weekends as RAIN is in the forecast for the following weekend, beginning Thursday and Friday with showers. That’s a little far out right now, and we’ll keep you informed as those days get a bit closer. However for this weekend, expect rain on Friday, and Saturday…expect to see some rain and snow…though not enough to eaither complain or boast about. It should be a decent weekend and with all the snow they have…riding should be great!

Here’s some details of what’s happening

Thanks to 69" of snow in March, Snowshoe Mountain is staying open until April 10! The overnight temperatures have allowed the groomers to work on the slopes. For you bump skiers, check out Lower Shays Revenge, Choker and Knot Bumper. These trails have plenty of those soft spring bumps that will work the legs.

Don’t forget, if you have a season pass with another resort in the region, you are in luck at Snowshoe Mountain for the last two weeks of the season. If you book two nights of lodging through the end of the season, you will get your lift tickets for free. The free tickets are just for the pass holders. So don’t give up as other resorts in the region begin to close. Snowshoe Mountain will be open through Sunday, April 10.

Make plans to cross the Skidder Pond this Saturday, April 2, just part of the annual "Last Hurrah" weekend. Plenty of on slope games and prizes. Don’t miss out on this spring skiing event.

Since the Silver Creek area is closed for skiing and riding, the Adventure Department has decided to use all of the snow for daytime snowmobile trips and rides. The Nordic Center has however closed for the season. For more information call 304-572-5477.

Snowshoe has Great Deals on Winter 2005 – 2006 Snowshoe Season Pass!

Available now through June 30, 2005!

If you’re looking for the best deal on skiing and snowboarding next winter at Snowshoe Mountain, then they’ve got the perfect product for you. With a Snowshoe Season Pass, you get direct to lift access all season long. You’ll also receive special deals in Snowshoe shops and restaurants as well as up to 50% savings on lift tickets at other great Intrawest Resorts. But best of all, if you purchase your Season Pass prior to July 1, you’ll be able to take advantage of savings of as much as 40% off the regular price.

Get an adult pass for just $377 prior to July 1st…which saves you $252!

Students can get a pass for just $341 which saves them $228! Hurry though…because those prices are only good from now through June!

Timberline Resort has some fun of their own planned for this weekend! Saturday at 10am they are holding a "Patrol Sled Competition" that is open to all patrollers anywhere. At 11:30am they are hosting a "Fireman’s Race" open to teams of 4 persons.

At 2pm they will host a "Bump Contest"

On Sunday at 10am they have a "Dual Modified Slalom Race" that is Open to all Alpine, Telemark & Snowboard racers.
Registration is from: 8:30 am to 9:30 am. The entry fee is only $3 and they are also having a drawing for a pair of Blizzard Skis!

For more information contact Timberline resort @ 1-800-SNOWING. (766-9464)

Don’t complain about Lift Operators around here! – Did you guys hear about this? In Chambery, France two skiers spent the night on a ski-lift in freezing temperatures after staff switched the machinery off and went home, police said on Sunday. The two Parisian men, aged 26 and 36, were discovered on the ski-lift on Sunday morning as the ski resort re-opened and were transported to hospital suffering from hypothermia. The Arcs, at an altitude of 1800m in the Alps, experienced an overnight temperature of -4°C.

Authorities at the ski station, accusing ski-lift staff of lack of vigilance, have opened an inquiry into the incident.

We occasionally hear from people complaining that lift operators aren’t paying much attention to people. At least ours don’t turn off the equipment and go home! Whew!

GET OUT AND SKI PEOPLE — as the season is quickly grinding to a halt around here!

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