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I there any doubts in my mind as to whether Spring was officially here in the High Country they should be squelched by this morning. After three days of beautiful mild temps and warm sunshine came the announcement last night from God that Spring is here. Booming thunder and intermittent lightning woke me this morning around 4:30am. Well actually my dog of 16 years woke me scratching and barking at the back door. She never has liked lightning. About the time I was just about back to sleep my youngest daughter woke me as she too was afraid of the bombs going off outside her window. The rain really poured in bursts that made me think about the snow out on the slopes. There was definately some deterioration going on last night.

The rain has stopped this morning, although there is a chance for some isolated rain today. Thursday and Friday look to have some chances at scattered showers but most of the day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday SHOULD be okay. One of those, "not a total wash out kind of days." Sunday is looking more and more like it could end up being a very raining Easter Sunday.

Don’t shoot the messenger – Most of the emails that we received yesterday alluded to the weather and whether or not people should make the trip up this weekend. As we’ve replied to all of them…this weekend won’t be a washout as the rain may be more of the spring-like, scattered showers variety. However, from all indications we will see some rain each day of the weekend…and Sunday (as mentioned above) if forecasted to be wet. One emailer was semi confrontational (we’ll refrain from naming the bozo) saying, "I was on Snowshoe’s website and they are calling for sunny skies on Saturday, what’s up with you guys, you trying to steer us away?"

THE ANSWER: Not hardly. If you’ve had plans to go…by all means make the trip. That goes for all potential visitors, because ANY day on the slopes or hanging around a ski resort is a good day. All we can do is report the facts that we are getting. Three different reporting services are providing us with THIS forecast for the weekend in West Virginia:

Friday – Rain likely (40%) – Hi 51° Lo 27°
Saturday – Showers (40%) – Hi 46° Lo 40°
Sunday – Showers (40%) – Hi 47° Lo 22°

…and there’s even a chance of snow on Monday! According to our weather sources…while there will be some periods of rain all along the east coast it shouldn’t blow the whole day. So get you gear and your rear to the resort of your choice no matter what the forecast is saying and have a great time.

One other lady alluded to the conditions and whether they will be like they were last weekend or the weekend before. No. They will be very Spring-like. We have a LOT of snow out on the slopes…at all of the resorts…but the snow will be wet and variable granular for the most part. Early skiing is better, right after the groomers have had a chance to firm up the snow. The later it gets in the day, the softer and more wet it will be. Spring skiing is GREAT though. If you’ve never done it…you should try it. There are NO lift lines and great snow coverage at all nine of the resorts that are open today…and at the TEN resorts that will be open this weekend.

So all of you frowny faces WIPE that bad attitude off your face and look at the glass as half full. There’s a lot of snow and you’ll be skiing! Will it be like it was two weeks ago? No. You have only yourself to blame for not getting your rear up here sooner 🙂

One last note. A few people emailed us about "the lame Easter Egg Hunt planned for Sugar this Sunday"… Where do you guys come from? My kids are going to RULE this planet in a few years. All of the bad attitudes…whew! For the record, Sugar is filling some of the eggs with pretty cool prizes and ONE of those "lame eggs" will contain a 2005-2006 Season Pass! If I didn’t have to be down at mom’s on Easter Sunday I would be right there at Sugar trying to find that egg! The odds of winning are pretty high since there will be comparatively fewer people than normal on the slopes. We highly recommend going!

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