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…and the roller coaster continues…

This winter has been a strange one at best. A late start, thankfully nice (though limited terrain) around Christmas, then a mild stretch that all but closed up every resort in the Southeast, then a cold snap that got everyone back in great shape and almost 100% of the terrain open. During the last few weeks we have seen the roller coaster weather go up and down with the frequency of "The Hurler" at Carowinds. We’ve had periods of cold and snow, followed by periods of mild temps and rain.

This past weekend is a great example. We had cold and raw/windy conditions leading into the weekend, followed by mild temps that made last Saturday one of the better weekends recently…followed by rain and mild temps on Sunday and now here we are today with more light rain. The forecast is for this light rain to change over to snow later in the evening. Don’t get too excited…it shouldn’t amount to too much in the way of accumulation. More importantly, we should see some good snowmaking temps overnight and actually snowmaking temps are forecasted almost around the clock from tonight through Sunday morning sometime. That will go a long way to make for great ski conditions for this weekend and into Sunday.

THERE’S PLENTY OF SNOW – Most all of the areas are reporting good base depths and tonight cold temps, snowmaking and grooming will make skiing and riding pretty nice for Thursday. Friday and Saturday should be even better no matter where you are headed. Snow coverage at all resorts is side-to-side and top-to-bottom. With snowmaking kicking in tonight and going around the clock for the next few days…expect a great next few days of skiing and riding at your favorite resort.

Cataloochee offers FAMILY DAY TODAY – Don’t forget that Wednesday is Family Day at Cataloochee and a child 17 and under will receive a free lift ticket when accompanied by a parent purchasing a full price adult day, twilight or night lift ticket.

Hawksnest offers LADIES A FREE TICKET TODAY! Ski The Difference! Ladies Day is Wednesday! Ladies receive a free lift ticket! We’ve been hearing a lot of good comments about Hawksnest’s new snowboard park. The new snowboard park is ready to test your skills. The Park has 30, 20 & 10 foot tabletop, 3 foot mini quarterpipe, 10(2), 15 & 20 foot flat rails, 28 foot flat down flat rail, 24 foot up flat down rail, 18 foot flat down rail, 30 foot rainbow rail, 25 foot up flat rail. 13 rails & kickers for your enjoyment.

Great Comments from Ski Beech – The guys up at Beech know what winter fun is all about. We’ve all been frustrated with a sub-par, roller coaster winter compared to the last few…and even so…SKIING and RIDING HAS been pretty good other than the one prolonged mild spell. The marketing staff at Beech posted this message this morning which we wanted to share with you guys.

Skiing is about being outside in the winter time and experiencing the exhilaration of being on top of the world, out of doors, and in the elements. It’s about feeling your equipment perform as you take control of your run, and it’s about the subtle differences in balance and technique as you negotiate changing terrain and conditions. It’s about freedom and leaving your worries behind. It’s about toning your body and refreshing your spirit. It is a great sport that this writer has continued to enjoy in all conditions for the past 37 years. Let’s go skiing…

Now THAT is the right attitude! – A bad day of skiing or riding beats a good day without hitting the slopes…anytime.

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No ice here people! This Photo was taken at Hawksnest Resort on Saturday Feb 12th. Pretty, but windy day – Rob Raff submitted.
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