First Trax

Our webcams have probably been THE ONE, MOST INNOVATIVE addition that we brought to the Southeastern ski resorts over the past few years and we have had so much growth in visitorship that our old camera server just occasionally wanted to stop sending images from time to time. Actually more accurately it was the FTP server software that just decides it’s had enough of you guys from time to time and shuts down.

At about 6pm on Thursday we went to work on taking cameras OFFLINE and moving them into some new software and serverside solutions which are designed to make it such that it can handle far more traffic than ever before.

A lot of you start our camera pages up in the AM and leave them running all day…and while we kind of like that…it DOES cost us and it DOES make for some unusual loads on the servers. That’s okay…that’s why they are there. We’ve explored our stats package and found that on several occasions just ONE of our cameras was being viewed by over 2800 people at ONE TIME! Cool stuff indeed.

We have moved several of the cams into this new system and they are already running wonderfully…and there are a few more that we’ll be working on Friday morning. Bear with us a little bit into Friday and just maybe we’ll get to show off a lot of snow over the weekend!

We’re also adding a second Ski Beech camera, a Watauga Lake camera and a couple more are in the works. STAY TUNED!!!

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