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Forecast Update:

March has by far been the best ski month so far and it’s only going to get better.

Today it’s been very warm….. almost Spring-like and skiers are wondering if the season is over. NOT EVEN CLOSE! There is a strong arctic front coming down the pipe tonight and heading right for the Southeast. Because it’s so warm today there might be some strong thunderstorms and heavy rain ahead and along the front tonight. Temperatures drops like a rock behind the front. Some areas could see 40 degree drops from this afternoon highs to tomorrow evenings lows. There will be enough moisture to cause some Northwest flow snow showers in the cold air advection tonight into tomorrow morning. Looks at some snow totals around 2-4” especially at those favorable northwest flow area on the west side of the Blue Ridge. Then after this quick change back to winter and snow showers the temperatures remain very cold for March. An east coast trough sets up and plenty of cold air gets pumps south into that trough and highs from Tuesday-Thursday will only be in the low 30’s by day and into the teens at night. Actually most areas above 3000’ may never get out of the 20’s the next three days. Which mean tons of snowmaking round the clock. Then there is this weekend!

With this setup a low moves out of the Midwest towards the central Appalachians. At the same time the energy tries to form a coastal low pressure system and a good old Nor’easter is set up. This could be a heck of a storm if it comes together correctly.

Unlike our big storm last Monday this one looks a little farther North, which mean less snow for North Carolina, but the Virginias could still get hammered. Right not expect cold , wind and snow late Thursday and really get cranked up Friday into Saturday. Totals looks to be 3-6” for North Carolina and 5-10” for the Virginias. These totals could go up as the week progresses. One thing is for sure – so far it’s going to be cold and very windy week. Conditions this upcoming weekend are going to be really awesome for the second weekend of March; heck they’ll be awesome period! Looks like many resorts are going to be pushing those close dates back, because March is going to be the month to ski this year.

Stay tuned for updates on the coming storms and cold this week, otherwise good skiing!


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