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I don't know about you guys but I've really been enjoying Tim Bahlke's daily updates so far this winter. I've been pretty tied up with other business and family issues to date and as nuts as it might sound – I have YET to hit the slopes this winter. A couple of my closest friends (Ron Kent of Banner Elk and Len Bauer of Sugar) have only invited me ALMOST DAILY since mid November and thus far it has been a "no go" for me. I hope to remedy that soon.

I wanted to take a moment this morning to personally thank Meteorologist Brad Panovich for coming on board for this his 6th season of posting morning "skier  forecasts" for us on  Brad has agreed to create his insightful, studio-quality weather forecasts for us twice each week AND during all of the heavier snowstorms this winter.  Brad is putting together an updated WINTER FORECAST for the entire winter for what he expects how we will fare for the entire Southeast and Mid Atlantic. We'll post that for you as soon as we get that (expect it tomorrow)…and then he will post Friday and Tuesday forecast for our skiers and snowboarders all season long.

Brad Panovich is a fellow snow loving, skier and he is one of the most social meteorologists on Planet Twitter with 19,659 followers.  He's tireless in his daily blogs and tweets about all things weather, so we're very proud to have him as out go to weather guru for the entire coverage area from Wisp Resort in Maryland to Sapphire Valley in southern North Carolina.


Many of you have seen our website featured on dozens of television stations in your own hometowns. We receive emails almost daily from you guys telling us about seeing one or more of our LIVE STREAMS on your local television station.

We're proud to share that as of this morning we have more than 140 meteorologists from around the Southeast and Mid Atlantic who share our content with you guys on occasion. We also appreciate ALL of the meteorologists who follow us on Twitter at both @skisoutheast and @resortcams


Has everyone else been amazed at how the Carolina's and Virginia have been so awesomely BLUE SKIES the last couple of days and yet the "By God" state of West Virginia and Wisp Resort in Maryland have been snowed in!

Last night at was at Mr. Originals in Boone having one of their awesome sandwiches and I watched light rain and 37° transition to HEAVY SNOW in a matter of mere moments. I received reports of heavy snow around Linville and Banner Elk later. However that all pushed away from our area very quickly and this morning we're seeing gorgeous blue skies.

However to the north of us around Canaan Valley, Timberline Resort, Snowshoe, Winterplace and Wisp…things look VERY WINTER-LIKE!

Check out for all of the latest of the LIVE FEEDS from all of the resorts.

We're proud to announce that Scaly Mountain Tubing is installing a LIVE CAMERA right after the first of the year. We're also talking with more ski areas about adding more cams very soon!  Stay tuned and do us a favor and

Follow us @SkiSoutheast and @ResortCams for all the snow and ski updates. We'd appreciate it!

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