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We know how much you guys and gals depend on the weather for making trip plans, etc. We are putting the final touches on some NEW offerings that we blow you guys away. We are partnering our weather forecasts and local temperatures and with Austin Beeghly who very shortly will be taking over and team it with We will not only be able to provide you with the forecast but we will bring you the temperatures RIGHT from the ski areas. More about that soon!

The forecast: "The High Country (ski areas) did receive some rain yesterday. The front has passed through but is NOT as strong as once thought. It will bring a one day relief of temps and that is it. I do not think snowmaking is happening for just under another week. So the answer to the first question of what should you do if you have a trip planned for this week. You will have high temps in the mid 50’s and lows in the lower 40’s to upper 30’s.

Check back with and often for up-to-date information about resort openings, etc.

A lot of resorts are doing what they can to keep as much terrain as they can open, but with these high temps bare spots are now turning into bare areas which results in closing the slope. Now the good news, things are changing up north (Canada). The High pressure that is giving us these south winds will be moving on by late next week. On Thursday night and Friday Morning some snow is forecast but more important snowmaking weather will be in full force. Snowmakers around the area have there finger on the button waiting to turn the guns on. These temps are going to stick around for as far as I can see (2-3 weeks). Past that who knows. The next weather update will come Sunday with projected temps for the next 10 days. So check back. In the mean time enjoy the spring weather it is going to be with us for the next few days."

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