Warmest Day since mid November on tap for today!


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March 20th, the official first day of Spring is some 19 days or so away, but I’d almost bet that day will be colder than we have this morning. We’ll look back when that comes and see if the high on the 20th reaches the expect high for today (63°).  Today feels more like Spring, than a lot of official Spring days in the mountains of Western North Carolina .

Today’s high will be around 63° and the low only around 48° under variably cloudy skies…and it WILL be another windy day in the neighborhood.  Winds are expected to be in the 10-20 mph range with higher gusts, and actually getting somewhat stronger as the day goes on.

Thursday should be variably cloudy with a slight chance of light rain mixed in with the cloud cover.  Thursday’s high will be 56° and the low tomorrow night should get to about freezing. (May see some snowguns fire up.)

Friday things get back to normal with partly cloudy skies and a high slightly cooler than normal of 43° and the low Friday night of 25°. Saturday looks variably cloudy with normal temps of 47° for the high and 29° for the low.

Right now, Sunday and Monday look a little sketchy still.  The high Sunday may be in the mid to upper 30s and some are saying as warm as 44°.  There’s some chance of snow Sunday into Monday but nothing more than a flurry or two as it looks right now.

Get out and enjoy what should be the warmest day since back in mid November here in the mountains.

Until Next Time!

Check out www.HighCountryWeather.com  for more information and also be sure to check out www.SkiSoutheast.com  for more weather information about ski resorts to the north!

Be sure to email photos, snow reports and comments to: [email protected]

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