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Before your heartbeat skips a beat about fulfilling a lifelong dream of working in the snow reporting industry – this is NOT a career maker or career changing kind of position…at least not just yet. It could grow into something bigger, but here’s the deal.

If you have followed this website for more than a post or two, you have probably read and followed myself (Admin, Mike Doble), (theKenDog, Kenny Griffin) and/or (Matt Laws) as we have posted nearly 11,000 morning, FirsTrax news reports, Snow Reports, photos and videos from around the region. This will be our 28th season doing so and we need a little help.

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Job Description:

Post the Morning Snow Report to SkiSoutheast:

Each morning, Monday-Friday during the ski season that runs from the first day that any ski area in region opens until the last ski area closes – typically from around Thanksgiving through the end of March – we need someone to collect the data from all sixteen ski resorts in the region and post it to SkiSoutheast.com’s SNOW REPORT page. That is each and every day for the 140-150 day season. See: SNOW REPORT PAGE

Write a FirsTrax Blog:

After collecting the data of what’s happening and where, we would expect you to write an entertaining and informative piece on that day’s news from around the region complete with links, photos, videos and more.

Hours: 7am-11am, Monday-Friday including Holidays*

Typically, handling those duties will take 2-4 hours (most often closer to 4 hours to do the job well).
* We would jump in and help or takeover for specific Holidays or weekends when you cannot handle the duties on a specific day.

Starting pay would be $20 an hour for a trial period of one week and if you have good writing skills and are dependable daily, we would quickly increase that to $28 an hour after week 1. There are also many opportunities to earn more and be even more involved with the website on camera, visiting ski resorts for on-sight reporting, interviewing and more.

Skills needed:

1. Have above average and good communication and speaking skills.
2. Be attractive, neat and clean for on-camera opportunities.
3. Be dependable.
4. Have well-above-average writing skill.
5. You will need a good laptop.
6. Know how to use PhotoShop and Video software to create, compile and post photos and videos.
7. Know how to use WordPress to write and post articles, photos, videos and more.
8. Know how to operate a GoPro camera and wireless microphones.

We will provide some training on usage of the websites (SkiSoutheast.com and ResortCams.com).

Skills preferred:

While you don’t HAVE to be a skier or snowboarder, it would be preferred.


While the Snow Reporting and FirsTrax writing position is often handled remotely and many times on-location, it can be done from your home. However, the perfect candidate for this position would live in close proximity to the ski areas.

Depending on how well you fit into the position, we could expand roles in the future to be on-site at a different ski resort weekly.

Reporters would receive free lift passes to various resorts, some lodging on special occasions and more.

If you are interested in the position, email me at [email protected]

Include your name and a recent photo.
Tell us whether you ski or ride or not.
Tell us where you reside.

Feel free to share any additional information or insight as to why you feel you would be great for this position.

This is a great, entry level position for a young person to get involved in reporting, entertaining and sharing the message about how awesome our mountain communities are.

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