Blue Mountain Brewery

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Our Brewery

Please stop by and sample our fine, small-batch beers, enjoy something from our kitchen, see our hops vines, and tour our brewing facilities.

Hop Farm

Yes, hops! Blue Mountain Brewery and Hop Farm is cultivating the aromatic plant that gives all beer its characteristic flavor.

Virginia was once know as the “Hop Capital of the New World”, and we are reviving that tradition by growing this blessed plant on our brewery grounds to use in our many ales and lagers

Over 200 hop rhizomes (a living segment of the root of a female hop vine) of the Pacific Northwest “Cascade” variety are currently growing in our fields.

The Cascade is an aroma-type cultivar original to the United states. It was first bred in 1952 but not released for cultivation until almost 20 years later. It is a cross of the English Fuggle and Russian Serebrianka producing a medium sized, compact, easily harvested, and wonderfully aromatic cone.

We have rows of these audacious little plants already producing an impressive amount of cones for their first year. We’re all anxiously awaiting using them in our first batches of beer.

Our Beer

Blue Mountain Brewery sits in the shadow of Appalachia’s Blue Ridge Mountains in Afton, Virginia. We are a farm brewery, growing our own hops, and proudly craft real American beer inspired by thousands of years of tradition but not limited by convention.

Brewer Taylor Smack, previously head brewer for the Goose Island Brewing of Chicago brewpubs and South Street Brewery of Charlottesville, is now crafting his brews for the central Virginia area at the unique Blue Mountain Farm Brewery.