Toby Wright provides this Trip Report from Monday at Winterplace

On Snow

(Editor’s Note: Conditions have done a 180 since Monday!)

I got to Winterplace at 10:30 just as a light rain turned to snow. It snowed all day ,but it did not amount to much more than a trace.

It finally got cold enough to start snow making just before 12:00. They started making snow in the teaching area and on trails that were not open, but soon they were blowing on all of the open trails.

Monday night was the first night it had been cold enough to groom the trails since last Thursday. They moved around a lot of snow and covered most of the bare spots. If they could have got out and groomed over the weekend, they wouldn’t have had any bare spots.

Rendezvous is the only trail with bare spots today. Compromise was only about ten feet wide at one point. These two trails had a lot of snowguns blowing on them today. Look At Me and Country Roads had piles of snow on them from the last weeks snow making. They should be open soon.

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Toby Wright provided this glimpse of conditions on Monday as Winterplace was cranking up the snowguns!
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