Timberline Will Operate this Weekend – Other than that, the Season has Ended!

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The "Heat" is Getting to Everyone!

More about the insanity of the 2011-2012 ski and snowboarding season in a moment. Today will be our only post of this week – unless something crazy happens. We’re not seeing any kind of freakish snow or cold on the horizon so we’re going to do what everyone else is doing – enjoy the weather no matter what it brings.

Joe Stevens has provided his 2011-2012 SNOWY AWARDS and you can see those by clicking here:  2011-2012 SNOWIES 

I think Joe nailed those. Now that his SNOWIES are "in the can" we can now ALMOST OFFICIALLY call this the end of the ski and snowboarding season for 2011-2012. No ski resort in the region is operating today and only Timberline Resort in West Virginia plans to reopen on Friday or any other time for this season.

Timberline Resort PLANS on reopening on Friday. We’ll see how that goes as temps are forecasted to be in the mid 70s even in the mountains this week. There IS plenty of snow on the Davis, WV resort’s slopes, but we’re just not sure how many people will pull themselves away from the golf course, tennis courts or Spring yard cleaning to ride the snow this weekend. KUDOS though to Tom Blanzy and his crew for providing their fans another weekend. We’re CERTAIN that means a lot to their season pass holders.


I had to chuckle at some of the email comments I received about Saturday’s story wherein I shared Parris Boyd’s rant against Sugar Mountain. If you missed that – click here

I had some fun defending Sugar against the tirade that Mr. Boyd shared with his THEN 680 BLOG readers over the past three years. I was pleased to see that even some of you who have been somewhat critical of Sugar’s peeps in the past – came to their defense as well. Mr. Boyd chose to post an update to his BLOG on Sunday and he’s probably feeling all "puffy chested" as his BLOG/READER count "soared" by 100 readers in one day. I’m certain he’s taking credit for that although there’s no question that his one day of "fame" came due to our mention that his BLOG even existed. I’m certain his readership will now return to the usual four readers a week.

Just "for the record" Mr. Boyd’s UPDATE read, "Update 3/18/2012: SkiNorthCarolina.com and SkiSoutheast.com are defending Sugar. That’s Banner Elk resident Mike Doble’s right. But to clarify remarks he’s posted, I contacted Mr. Doble in his capacity as a website designer for High Country Webcams. I’m not familiar with the ski sites he’s associated with nor do I wish to be."

(I’ll be losing sleep over that one ;-))

Let’s see – the season has ENDED (for the most part) and on the LAST SUNDAY of the season we received  a ONE DAY total of 18,726 unique visitors with 7,319 readers of SkiSoutheast.com. …and in the other corner is the 66 year old lightweight (Hey HE’S the one who said he weighed less that my 12 year old daughter – who is not overweight by the way!)…from West Columbia with his FOUR READERS PER WEEK.

Oh well – like I said the "HEAT" evidently got to a LOT of people this season.


Guys and Gals – we REALLY appreciate every one of you. This soon-to-be-a-bad-memory of a season was a strange one and we know that it wasn’t what we all expected or wanted, but there’s always next year unless the Mayan’s or conspiracy theory people are correct and 2012 is the end of times. Of course there’s always the chance that God will send Jesus back between now and then. Barring ANY of those possibilities – we will be here to do it all again and hopefully / prayerfully the 2012-2013 season will be a GREAT one with lots of consistent cold and deep snows.

Thanks for making us a daily stop throughout the season and stay tuned for an occasional update now and then throughout the Spring and Summer and look for bigger and better things for next season.

If you’d like – we can EMAIL YOU GUYS if we’re sharing anything new on the site. Simply go to the bottom of SkiSoutheast.com and SIGNUP for email alerts and you won’t miss a thing!

Thanks again…and until next time…

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