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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone! You will see no green on the hills and knolls of Western North Carolina as Mother Nature and Old Man Winter decided to blanket the region with a nice 2-4" of new snow overnight! This one is rather pretty. Actually the last few snows have been the pretty kind. Not windy, a little wet, easy to pack and make snow creatures. Oh yea…great for skiing and riding too!

All three of the North Carolina ski areas that are open for business today (Appalachian, Ski Beech and Sugar) all reported in with 2" of snow early this morning and they may have picked up another inch at each resort as the snow is still falling across the area. It has tapered off a bit as of this writing but we are supposed to see periods of light snow through the day and this evening. Some forecasters are saying we may see another 1-3". Regardless, this is nice after a rather wet Wednesday in the region. I was up in Banner Elk yesterday evening and it was a mix of light, misty rain and sleet up above the Police Station in Banner Elk, and on my way nack through Sugar at about 6pm it was dropping beautiful snowflakes and had coated everything white there. I got back down to my home and it was the mix of light rain and sleet.

It did begin snowing there within another hour and evidently kept that light snow trend most of the night as we also have about 2" at the upper side of Sleepy Hollow. I have received a couple of 4" reports. Three from out near the Tennessee line and that’s where we normally see the better snowfalls.

We’re only a few days away from Spring (Sunday) and this has been one great streak of Winter. Since February 28th, we’ve seen 35" of snow up at Beech Mountain and a bit less around the rest of the North Carolina High Country. This additional snowfall this morning has taken Ski Beech to 83" of snow on the season. That’s almost SEVEN FEET of snow this season. That’s not nearly a record, but after the way it was looking in January…we’re all thankful for every inch of it.

I’m all better now! – After my rant of yesterday (see the archives link at the bottom) I received a couple dozen emails and a few phone calls from well-wishing, wishing for me a quick recovery from whatever it was that was ailing me. You guys are soooooo funny! The fact is that this stuff bottles up in you and occasionally it does a body good to just let it out. If you’re wondering what the heck I’m yapping about, I’m not going to rehash it here. You can check out the archives and the messageboard.

The Messageboard Stays! – A couple of well-meaning souls logged into the messageboard and stirred up a hornets nest night before last and boy did that thread get a LOT of replies and views. Within about two hours one of the threads had received 60+ replies and over 500 views. That thread has grown a bit more this morning with 69 replies and 900 views. The gist of the brew ha ha was that a few people were making some points, albeit inaccurate, about SkiNC and a couple of newbies to the board suggested that perhaps the best thing to do would be to pull the board down. Wow did that get things going!

Needless to say, cooler heads prevailed and some apologies were extended and no matter…the board isn’t going anywhere. As a couple of people brought up…the board stays active ALL SUMMER LONG (slow, but active) and it does give diehards a place to communicate, share photos, etc. If it wasn’t for the board there would have been no SkiNC Summit.

If you haven’t visited the messageboard, you should give it a try. It does get a little crazy from time to time, but it is a great place to meet fellow snow lovers. There’s usually anywhere from 10-20 members and guests on it at any time…and it will only get more popular.


The conditions will be simply m-a-r-v-e-l-o-u-s whereever you ski today and tonight. Get out and enjoy a few more sweet turns of your favorite slope. This is nothing official, but we’ve received a fair number of emails asking if Ski Beech may go to the 27th. Yes, it IS possible, but we’re looking down the road a bit on the weather…and the potential for traffic…and we’re going to go a little out on the limb here and say Ski Beech WILL call it quits this Sunday, March 20th. The conditions could not be better…so MAYBE, if enough people keep flocking there…who knows…they might extend it. They certainly have enough snow!

I’ve received a lot of photos over the last two nights and I will get a ton of those up in just a few minutes so check out the photo gallery and look at each of the resort directories for the newest images.

Ski Beech – Men get to enjoy today’s powder FREE today. Thursday is MEN’S DAY at Ski Beech.

Sugar Mountain – If want a little different kind of Easter Sunday you can join Sugar for their first ever Easter egg hunt on the slopes. March Madness Rates are also in effect and run through the end of the season. Save up to 25% on lift tickets, rental equipment and lessons. Sugar has also extended their Spyder Sample Sale until the end of the season. Save 40% on next year’s Spyderwear!

We have had some people ask us about Sugar’s Tubing Park and whether or not it would be open at the end of the month. That answer is "no" Sugar has now closed the Tubing Park for the season. There is now NO TUBING available in North Carolina.

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Ober is now closed for the season, however, Jonathan Bowman (pictured) and his family made it up for one more ski trip – Photo by Chris Bowman of Atok
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