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The top news of this morning should be that the weather looks like it will provide us a pretty nice Thursday for skiing. However, because The Homestead closed for the season yesterday…that will have to be the top news. They had previously stated that they would extend the season as long as they could and looked to be attempting to ski until Easter. However, the bit of rain that we had over the last couple of days, combined with the forecast for this weekend, prompted them to go ahead and close for the season. The Homestead is more of a resort that happens to have a ski area…than a ski area that offers four seasons of activity.

That leaves us with nine ski areas still operating for the coming weekend, with Massanutten closed today but reopening for the weekend.

Will the Weather Cooperate? – That is the question on many minds as the emails trickled in yesterday. We wrote about the forecasts for the areas…and still people wondered if it was going to rain – precisely where THEY were going. We complain…but we must admit that we enjoy those kinds of questions. You HAVE to…or you’d go nuts. Our traffic has dropped off here at the end of the season so these kinds of inquiries help to keep us focused!

Now to the point — the weather. Today should be a great day to ski no matter where you go. However, we’ll break it down by the regions.


Appalachian and Sugar Mountain both have plenty of snow and some of the best Spring Skiing Conditions we’ve seen in a few years. The late season snows and cold have made for pretty nice top-to-bottom, and side-to-side coverage for this late in the season. Friday should also be okay with only some bothersome, off-and-on showers…but it shouldn’t blow up the whole day. That’s pretty much the same forecast for Saturday…at least in the AM hours. If you want to partake in the "Meltdown Games" at Appalachian…early Saturday will be the best time. Saturday afternoon may still offer a dry forecast…but there is a 40% chance of scattered showers. Then unfortunately that’s when the forecast turns rather wet. Saturday NIGHT, all Sunday and into Monday look very rainy according to the most current forecasts available. Highs will be in the upper 50s (maybe even some low 60s) and lows will be near 40°. Appalachian should call it quits for the season on Monday…if not after Sunday’s final "Meltdown Games" activities. Sugar has some fun planned for Easter Sunday.

Sugar Mountain Resort will host its first-ever Easter egg hunt on the slopes. The “golden egg” containing a 2005-2006 season pass will be scattered among hundreds of fun-filled plastic eggs. A special prize will be awarded to the best dressed skiing or snowboarding bunny. So wear your bunny suit, bring your Easter basket and join us at Sugar Mountain Resort for another outdoor adventure.

Hey, what’s a little rain ONE DAY…get on out and let the kids play in the rain…it’ll be fun!

We’ve had many people ask us about Sugar’s projected closing day and we’ve speculated here that Sugar will also close on Monday, March 28th. They certainly COULD go longer, but according to those that we’ve spoken with, they are now hinting that Monday will also be their last day of skiing for the season. So if you’re one of those people who like to close down a resort…get out and ski regardless of the rain on Monday as they will probably close after the day session.


First to the weather. It’s looking rather wet up here too. Friday’s forecast is for 80% chance of rain through the Virginias and West Virginia with highs forecasted at Snowshoe in the low to mid 40s. So expect some rain on Friday. Saturday looks to be THE DAY to ski. Although it will be cloudy, there’s only a 20% chance of some scattered showers. That’s good news for those guys! Sunday and Monday are going to be wet and rainy. The latest forecast is for 60% chance of rain on Sunday and 40% chance on Monday. Highs in the low to mid 40s and lows just above freezing. After that though…next week looks pretty nice. Partly Cloudy days from Tuesday through the next weekend and somewhat milder temps.

That is good news for the resorts that are planning to remain open through April 3rd…and particularly for Snowshoe Mountain, which will stay open through April 10th.

There’s LOTS of snow at all of the resorts in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. Snowshoe’s 54-74" base and Timberline’s 52-82" base lead the way. For those that are GOING to email us to stay on course with the "base depth stuff", we have to tell you guys (sorry for being repetitive) that we’d put more stock in Snowshoe’s tallies. Snowshoe’s totals have dropped 14" in the last five days, while Timberline’s hasn’t moved up or down in over a week. Winterplace also dropped 8" in the last update and they too have plenty of snow. Right now it appears that Wintergreen Resort will close after Sunday’s fun. Canaan Valley, Winterplace and WISP will also probably close on Sunday although that COULD change and we will update you if that happens. Timberline now appears to be shooting for April 3rd as a tentative closing day…and then Snowshoe will close the 2004-2005 season down on the 10th.

We DO have some announcements for the upcoming weekend

SNOWSHOE – If you have a season pass with another resort in the region, you are in luck at Snowshoe Mountain for the last three weeks of the season. If you book two nights of lodging through the end of the season, you will get your lift tickets for free. The free tickets are just for the pass holders. So don’t give up as other resorts in the region begin to close. Snowshoe Mountain will be open through Sunday, April 10.

Get your shaggin’ shoes ready for this coming weekend for the annual Beach Music Festival at the Snowshoe Area. Time to get a tan on your cheeks without getting sand in your shorts. Check out the events page to find out what’s going on during the exciting weekend. Don’t forget that sunscreen.

Since the Silver Creek area is closed for skiing and riding, the Adventure Department has decided to use all of the snow for daytime snowmobile trips and rides. For more information call 304-572-5477.

TIMBERLINE RESORT – They have a lot of fun going on up there…and here’s a schedule:


10:00 am: Face painting and egg coloring in the childrens center in the base lodge
1:00 pm: Sunrise Service on Salamander
1:00 pm: Nastar Egg and Spoon race. (Special Prizes for best time with egg intact)
1:30 pm: Easter Bonnet Parade. (Meet at the beginners Lift. Prizes for best Bonnet.
2:00 pm: Egg Hunt on Skis. (Woods Hole)
2:30 pm: Egg toss. Open to all. Elimination style egg tossing tournament on the deck.

Timberline also has some Beach Music fun planned as they kick off the "Beach Boys Party Weekend" all weekend long.

They also have a Telemark Spring Skiing Workshop on Saturday.

For more information contact Timberline resort @ 1-800-SNOWING. (766-9464)

Email me at: [email protected]

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