This is what We’ve Been Waiting For!

First Trax

It’s here!!!  Our neighbors up in West Virginia and Virginia are getting a good ole fashioned dumping of snow right now.  The cams at Snowshoe, Canaan, and Massanutten are all showing heavy snow falling this morning. 

Snow at SnowshoeI

Snow at Canaan Valley
Canaan Valley

Snow at Massanutten

I don’t know about you, but I can never get enough of these pics. 

Much more is on the way as all of our member resorts are under a Winter Storm Warning.  Wisp, up in Maryland, is expecting 6-8” according to their Warning, West Virginia and the Virginia resorts are expecting 6-10”.  Down here in North Carolina, the High Country resorts are expecting 2-6”, with the exception of Appalachian Ski Mountain which is under a Winter Weather Advisory with 1-4” expected. 

We’re not seeing any snow yet, but the Warning states that this will change starting later this morning as the front moves into our area.

Beech Mountain Resort
Beech Mountain

Both Cataloochee and Wolf Ridge are expecting up to 6” and Ober’s Warning is calling for 3-6”.  Snow all around, go ahead take some – it’s on me.

With the front that is moving in to bring us all of this glorious snow comes wind.  Many of the Winter Storm Warnings also come with cold and wind chill warnings (the low today at Snowshoe is going to be -5).  Many of the resorts will see single digit temperatures tonight with wind chills down to -15 degrees (Snowshoe could see -20 overnight). 

It is going to be cold tomorrow as well.  Wisp is showing a high of 9 degrees tomorrow, Winterplace 17, Wintergreen 20, Beech Mountain and Wolf 22, and 31 over at Cataloochee and Ober.  Keep in mind that these temps are minus the wind chill.  It surely wouldn’t feel this warm on your skin.

I currently have plans to head over to Wolf Ridge tomorrow.  I have not skied there in decades and I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with the mountain and touching base with the new folks.  Look forward to the tweets and the trip report on Thursday’s First Trax.  With this being said, you can expect an update from Kenny tomorrow – another video maybe?  Those are pretty cool and I guess I need to get with the program.  He certainly set the bar pretty high.

On Thursday, I plan on heading up to Beech to see how things are up there.  While I’m there, I’ll get with some of the Beech folks to discuss putting together a mini-summit and Olympic watching party – heads up Talia, I’m coming to see you.

Many of the mountain schools are closed today, so snow day rates are in affect.  I was lucky enough when I was in elementary and high school in Boone that my Mom owned her own business and we could slip away on days like this.  There were also many occasions when school was not called off but we thought it should have been so we took it upon ourselves to call it.  I mean, you don’t want to get into an accident on the way to school do you – that would be irresponsible!  Now getting into the same accident heading to the slopes is called going out with your boots on, and that’s an acceptable risk.

You all take care out there today.

Tim Bahlke
Drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you think or with suggestions on what we could be doing better.


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