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While resorts in North Carolina, Tenness and Virginia are working feverishly to work around Mother Nature’s borderline temps to make enough snow to get open (or stay open in the case of Sugar and Appalachian)…things are looking UP for Snowshoe Mountain and resorts north. More accurately, things are looking DOWN that is. The temperatures have been borderline lately.

Snowshoe Mountain had made enough snow to open a couple of weeks ago and then mild temps and rain recycled that snow back into Shavers Lake at the bottom of the mountain. They began making snow again on Thanksgiving Day and will make snow as long as temps allow…and that should be MOST of the next week!

Tuesday is the only day that showers are in the forecast and overnight temperatures should be good enough to make snow there Monday night, Wednesday night and then around the clock for the next few days…making it’s planned opening the middle of next week a good one. They will have to dodge a few showers Tuesday and Wednesday but it should be smooth sailing after that!

We can hope that the new weather pattern from then on will be a COLD and SNOWY one! THINK COLD and THINK SNOW!

Here’s the updated forecast for Snowshoe.

Nov 28 AM Showers 40°/24°
Nov 29 Mostly Cloudy 41°/29°
Nov 30 Showers 40°/36°
Dec 01 Rain / Thunder 44°/28°
Dec 02 Partly Cloudy 39°/22°
Dec 03 Mostly Sunny 39°/23°
Dec 04 Partly Cloudy 41°/31°
Dec 05 Rain / Snow 42°/26°
Dec 06 Scattered Snow Showers 41°/31°
Dec 07 Cloudy 41°/31°

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