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Some area are already seeing our new websites and some are still seeing the old sites, so we are doing our best to make sure that the articles on BOTH old and new are being updated asap to keep you guys informed.

First, simply put, we have now heard from all resorts and there will be NO Thanksgiving Day skiing.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger! The other day, even when some were forecasting snowmaking temps for next week, we hinted that the Winter 2004-2005 season wouldn’t kick in until December 1st or shortly after. The newest weather trends are now supporting that. Temps won’t be cold enough to make snow until MAYBE Friday, November 26th.

For those who have monitored snowmaking at Snowshoe Resort… the recent weather will not allow the Resort to begin the 2004/2005 season this Wednesday, November 24 as was previously announced. The good news is that colder weather is on the way this week, the not so good news is that the sub-freezing temperatures won’t be with us until Wednesday night. There is now snow in the forecast for Wednesday night and Thursday (Thanksgiving Day). After that it looks like we will have snowmaking conditions on and off through the first week of December.

Snowshoe is saying that they MIGHT be able to pull out a Sunday (11/28) or Monday (11/29) opening. Keep your fingers crossed. A decision is going to be made later this week on when the ropes will drop for the 2004/05 season, stay tuned.

In the meantime…cheer up…the winter WILL BE A GREAT ONE…THERE WILL BE LOTS OF SNOW…and truthfully Thanksgiving Weekend conditions usually involve fewer than ideal trails open anyway.

More on the weather… For those of you that "want to know more" and will, no doubt email us asking for more detailed information as to "when to expect the weather to turn."

Here’s what we know. Temperatures across North Carolina will be mild. In fact some 10 to 12 degrees above normal for the next few days. No snowmaking through November 26th.

Now some good news… Our weather contacts are telling us that the patterns are changing some and we will begin seeing some changes that will "invite" colder air in the region. However that is going to take a while to affect the High Country.

A ridge off the coast will keep the colder air from invading our area for another few days. Once this ridge moves out we may see some fronts being allowed to come in that will usher in colder, snowmaking temperatures. When? As we have said before…it looks like the best bet will be around December 1st to the 5th.

Don’t be fooled! Don’t fret my dear snow lovers. Winter 2004-2005 WILL be a great one. Rarely have weather gurus been so united as so what this winter’s weather will be like. They all agree that we should see temps that we average about 2° colder than normal and with precipitation that will be about normal. That means TWO things. First, snow making crews at all of the resorts in the Southeast should have near ideal conditions to keep those guns firing. Second, we should see a good chance at EVEN MORE natural snow that we had last season…which was a phenomenal season!


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