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We’re consolidating reports on SkiNC and SkiSoutheast again today.  It’s Sunday and a bit wet across the region (and windy) and we’ve covered all the goings on for today (yesterday) so we’re going to make our job easier today.

The BIG NEWS (if you’re a regular to this website and the messageboards) is that all of the “SkiNC / Utah Summit Crew” made it safe and sound to Utah.  We’re going to honor these characters in a moment.  First to other notes.

Hawksnest is going on with the Nest Games even with the soaking rain that we’re experiencing as of this writing.  We were planning on being there and giving away some shirts, but we want to keep them dry…so we’ll do a huge shirt giveaway this week.  We’ll try to make it up to Hawksnest to take some photos at any rate.  The weather should clear out by noon or so. We were attempting to move the webcam up and over to the Sock ‘em Dog trail, but the camera is positioned such that we can’t go up high enough.  We’re going to have to wedge that thing so it will look to the top of the mountain sometime soon.

Wisp is also holding their Collegiate Snowboard Event today.
College Snowboard Teams compete in the 10am Boarder X on Whip Saw Terrain Trail, 1:45pm Slopestyle Event in Ford Built Tough Terrain Park, 2:30pm Halfpipe Event in Savage Half Pipe.

Red Bull Sledneck Shows
Get ready for a great show as these professional snowmobilers ‘huck’ themselves off man-made kickers. The SCS Racing crew, who just performed the 1st freestyle snowmobile demo ever in Russia’s Red Square, is holding a Freestyle Snowmobile Demo at 1 pm and 4 pm. Don’t miss their only show in the Mid Atlantic! Stick around for a post-show autograph session.

Michael Valach from up at Wisp sent me a video of what these “Sledneck” guys do and that should be SOME show.  We’ll post some photos from today’s events over the next couple of days.

Snowshoe is in the final day of the SCION West Virginia Open.  Today’s events include:

SCION Venue Open:  9am – 4:30pm atop Ballhooter.  Check out the latest SCION cars, have some fun and receive some giveaways.

Boarder / Skier Cross Registration:  8am – 10am at Full Tilt

Boarder / Skier Cross Event:  1:30pm – 3:30pm on Slaymaker / Spur.  $250 per winner of each category will be awarded in the Slopestyle event.  Total of $1,000.

West Virginia Open Awards Presentation:  5:30pm in the Big Top.  $350 per overall category winner will be awarded.  Total of $1,400.

The rest of the resorts are skiing, riding, tubing and doing their normal thing today…and dodging a few rain drops.  Today’s rain won’t be a “kill the day” kind of affair…so get out and play.

Now to the Utah Crew!

Joe Harmon emailed me upon arrival, and Gresham Barker posted to the messageboard.  Gresham stated, “WE ARE HERE AND IN FULL EFFECT! Everyone is here (aside from those arriving later) and we are rocking Utah to the core. Quick first day trail report…. Stink, TD and GB arrived in Salt Lake City to meet ‘bird, mark, bowen, asc, SkiMastercraft, mblacky, cbkoontz, OW, dooner, drmnofpow, and keith….

What can I say…the start to the ’06 SkiNC/Utah summit started with a bang with a trip to Brighton and weather that is BANGIN!!!!

It started snowing around 12:30 and hasn’t stopped since.. Great day at B’ton…multiple runs off Millicent and some of the best night skiing that the Utah crew has ever claimed….Knee deep powder in numerous places.

Word on the street is that Ogden is nuking and we are headed to Snowbasin tomorrow….should be epic…snow is plentiful and the temperature at the top of Big Cottonwood was a comfy 28 degrees today. Ill let the pics speak for themselves….

I skiied with TD and Mark most of the day, and met up with snowbird (Joe Harmon) later for some night tree riding…epic epic epic…

Joe Harmon wrote, “Well we all arrived today and were treated to fresh powder.  It snowed the entire day.  We rode till around 7ish, and rode powder when we wanted.  It was great.  There were many good times had today.  Today was by far the best day on the snow so far this season. 

Powder was knee deep for me and thigh deep for skiers in places.  We defnately did some night time tree skiing, which was totally sick.
That was a first for most of us, but it was powder and we wanted it.”

For those that want to give me a tough time about this being a SkiNC or SkiSoutheast website, while that IS true…these guys ARE North Carolina and Southeast skiers and they’ve organized this event for some time through meeting on the SkiNC/SkiSoutheast Messageboard and we’re going to honor these guys with some photo’s of the day AND a special section on the website.  We will also post updates each day as we get them.  We’ll provide a special link later today to all of the pics. It looks like these guys are having a blast.  Stay safe fellows!

For those of us still here IN the Southeast…stay dry today and have a good time skiing.

Until Next Time!

Be sure to check out for more news and stories for all of the Southeast’s ski areas.

Be sure to email photos, snow reports and comments to: [email protected]

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