The Messageboard Gets Heavier Promotion…and a new name!

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The Messageboard becomes "Sno!Forum"

A few years back our messageboard members took it upon themselves to create a stronger presence on the website by organizing their own gatherings at not only our Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski resorts – but resorts nationwide. Later those self-organized gatherings of what was first a handful of guys at the first SkiNC Summit at Hawksnest has become Summits that have drawn as many as 250+/- fellow ski, snowboarding and snow-loving people to last years summits that were held at Beech Mountain and Snowshoe Mountain.

The power of our website and messageboard following has manifested itself such that many of our ski resort’s marketing and management staffs have begun to monitor posts AND post themselves. Additionally more of our area’s resorts have expressed the desire to host future summits and we want to at least attempt to grow our virtual online ski and snowboarding "club" by giving the messageboard some "top billing".

To that end we have created a new "Sno!Forum link" right on the front page that we’re certain will draw greater attention to the fact that we HAVE an online forum. Previously the only way people knew there was a messageboard forum was through word of mouth or a sub navigation link from the top of the page. Now we’re actually promoting the forum in a few new ways. We have some ideas of how we want to integrate it into other social arenas but we’ll save that for another day. For now, we want to see just how many new members we can draw from this new promotion.

Currently we have 1247 members of which about 30% are active in posting and logging in regularly. We’re making it our goal to see those numbers soar and we want your help.

Click to visit the messageboard forum and JOIN. It’s simple and it’s free. If you came to this website you like skiing and snowboarding. Why not communicate with fellow ski and snow enthusiasts in a forum that is fun AND rewarding?

You’ll never be solicited for anything. We’ll never share the email database with any 3rd party. The forum is a GREAT place to ask questions that will usually be answered pretty quickly (within minutes) by someone who LOVES this area and is usually pretty knowledgeable. You’ll find a GREAT group of guys and gals on the forum and although they can get a little rowdy or irreverent at times – they are people just like you – from all walks of life. They all have a passion for all things snow.

In years past we’ve typically hosted at least TWO Summits and while that is still up in the air, we WILL be joining up for at least ONE SUMMIT which will be held at Snowshoe Mountain the weekend of March 4th, 5th and 6th and we’d like to make it the biggest, best we’ve ever hosted.

Messageboard members receive substantial discounts on lodging, free lift passes and the host ski resorts always throw a nice Après-ski party with free eats, drink specials and more. Plans are still in the works for what all will take place at the Summit(s) for this season but we’d LOVE to have you come and hang with us occasionally. If you can’t join us physically, you can at least do so VIRTUALLY by simply clicking over to the forum and communicating with friends.

We know that is something that is kind of awkward for some people, but if you’ll visit the messageboard a time or two – JOIN and introduce yourself – we think you’ll be hooked in no time.

If you’re a longtime messageboard member, you’ll notice the new name! You’ll probably see some additional tweaking going on. Feel free to email us with your comments and suggestions at [email protected]  

The REST of you who are reading this…go check it out and join!

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