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Timberline Four Seasons Resort – Update
Davis, WV, February 23, 2016 – Saturday morning Tower 12 of Timberline’s Thunderstruck triple lift experienced a mechanical malfunction. The cross-arm which supported the cables along which the lift chairs travel detached from the tower structure, causing a derailment. This occurred after the lift had passed visual safety inspection and was cleared for operation.

Thankfully the lift malfunction caused no serious injuries. Timberline remains open with 2 functioning lifts in operation capable of transporting skiers to the top of the mountain. Until we determined the exact cause with our team, it was agreed that we would cancel the USSA Championship Races that were scheduled for this past weekend. This weekend’s Wendy’s Race and Telemark Festival will continue as planned. We are making all repairs based on the engineer and ski professionals’ recommendation. Although we are working diligently to undertake lift repairs quickly to restore access to mid-station and lessen the wait in our lift lines, our concern for skier safety at the highest levels supersedes our desire for a swift resolution.

That said, we have taken the following measures to ensure the safe re-opening of Thunderstruck. We have assembled a world-class team of manufacturers, engineers, and safety inspectors who have been working diligently since the event took place to assess and repair the lift, with multiple levels of oversight at every step in the process. Partek Ski Lift Enterprises and Beitzel Corporation are working together to complete the job at hand. The initial tower work is expected to be completed by Wednesday. Exceeding industry standards, every lift tower and weld has had NDT inspection performed by Ariel NDT, and all welds on the new modifications will be inspected prior to lift reopening. Tower 12 will receive a new cross-arm installed by Ropeway Construction with anticipated completion by Thursday. Ropeway will also perform a haul rope inspection to be completed by Friday (after the tower has been repaired).

We are requesting that these same experts do a thorough inspection of our other lifts as well, even though they are performing properly. We anticipate all inspections and load testing to be completed, and for Thunderstruck triple lift to be fully operational by Saturday morning, February 27, allowing skiers to enjoy the rest of ski season in confidence.

We would like to thank our skiers and our community and expert first responders for their support and professional responses. We will keep you updated throughout every aspect of this process as we complete these steps.


For more information, contact:
Kendra Curran
Director of Sales and Marketing
Timberline Four Seasons Resort
Phone: 304-690-4818
Email: [email protected]

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