The Last Hurrah!

First Trax

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We’ve seen some good snow fall in the last 24-48 hours so let’s get right to the totals.

Wisp: 2”Ruler in Snow

West Virginia
Snowshoe: 8”
Timberline: 4”
Winterplace: 8”

Bryce: 1”
Massanutten: 3”
The Homestead: 1”
Wintergreen: 8”

North Carolina
Cataloochee: 4”
Sugar Mountain: 8”

The operating slopes right now certainly rival the BEST CONDITIONS we’ve seen this year!  I guess it’s true that good things come to those who wait!

Sunrise at Wintergreen
Good Morning Sunshine – Wintergreen Resort

I updated the remaining season schedules at the resorts that I posted yesterday to reflect that Snowshoe will not be operating next week, but will open back up for the weekend (April 5 & 6th).  One of you brought this to my attention (thanks Don!) and I reached out to the folks at Snowshoe to see what they have in mind.  Our good friend Erin up there, who hooked us up for the Snowshoe Summit this year, shared their final weekend plans.

Lifts—-Ballhooter—9am to 430pm
Trails –Knotbumper, Upper Hooter, Lower Hooter, Grabhook, Grabhammer, Skipjack, Glades, Gandy, Crosscut, Skidder, Hiesler, mid Whistlepunk, Whiffletree, Stemwinder, Choker, Tailtree 

Upper Hootnanney, Mid Flume, Lower Flume are thin, so at this time questionable

Ski school – closed
Pool – closed
Tours – closed
Big top – closed
Pre-ski – closed
Skidder lift – closed
Carpet – closed
Powdermonkey lift – closed
Soaring Eagle lift – closed
Western lift – closed
Silvercreek – closed

So basically, the mid Basin will be open for those final turns.  This update from Snowshoe means that, with the exception of Sugar where they keep these kinds of things close to their vest, we will NOT be skiing during the week next week.  So, this is about it folks – and we could not have gone out on better conditions if we planned it ourselves!

This year will be going down in the record books for sure.  While we’ve seen significant snow in March in prior years, the early start and consistency is what we’ll remember when we talk about this season around the campfires in July.

There’s lots of really good snow, so get out while you can.  One more thing before I go.  I’ve spoken to a number of you who were planning one final trip up from Florida and Georgia this week.  WOW – you guys have struck gold.  ENJOY!!

Take Care!

Tim Bahlke
Drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you think or with suggestions on what we could be doing better.

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