The First of Many 2021-2022 Winter Forecast Videos

First TraxWeather

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We are ALL about the weather here at SkiSoutheast and this is “the talking season” for the region’s ski and snowboarding fans. We use about any and every news source at our disposal when it comes to getting even the smallest glimpse of what we can expect or hope for when it comes to a winter forecast.

This video was emailed to me by a fan of the website – thanks Janie Williamson of Travelers Rest, South Carolina. (I told her I’d give her a mention.)

This video will bring some smiles to the faces of those of us who are hoping for a cold and snowy winter for the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. I started following this young man a couple of years ago and he’s now turned 21. What he lacks in presentation polish, he makes up for in covering all the angles. I’ve included a short bio written by him below the video.

Enjoy and let’s hope he’s got the forecast nailed.

His Bio:

“Direct Weather, an unfiltered weather source where we go over every possibility, so you never get caught off guard” I’ve been obsessed with weather for as long as I can remember, every time it would snow I would freeze just to stay outside and watch it accumulate, every time it would thunderstorm I’d risk it all just to be out on the porch watching. By time I was 12 I was borderline addicted to weather, I began to watch youtube videos about weather, I then thought that I should give it a try for my self, this was back in 2012, I was so young, and nobody took me seriously, this made me want to get better and better, I studied hard with what resources I could find, until I felt that I had a good understanding of climate and meteorology. I’m now 21 years old, and I still love weather very much, I have about as much experience as an 21 year old could have with meteorology, but I want to get much better, so I invite you to join me as I continue to learn more about weather.

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