The Conditions at Snowshoe and Most of the West Virginia Ski Areas is NOT Good

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Good Morning!


What a day Saturday was! I promise, if I’m not totally zapped by the time I get home this evening, that I will post a bunch of photos and compile a video from the Summit Weekend fun. Right now I am getting the Snow Reports posted as resorts that wanted to DID MAKE SNOW. We’ll talk about that some as well.

For right now though – I would be remiss if I didn’t make the following comment about something that I actually HAVE been remiss about.

To ALL of you who spend a fair amount of your time dedicated in some measure to this website – I want to thank you. We have a true CORE of dedicated SkiNC and SkiSoutheasters (and I will be commenting on that later this evening or during the week ahead) and although I’m not certain why – it really hit me last night who that core group of people ARE (cause their HAVE been some pretenders) and about the true friendships that have been made through the messageboard and these Summits, etc.

I pledge to be better at recognizing the value of those friendships and can’t thank you guys enough for SIMPLY BEING YOU. I don’t want to single anyone out just this second because I wouldn’t do them justice since I’m in a hurry to go and hang with them once more before we all head to our respective homes today. I WILL though. Suffice for this second to say that SOME people have come and gone while the true CORE friendships have not only remained but they are actually spending a lot of time recruiting NEW PEOPLE to come and enjoy the kind of rewarding friendships that have come from being a part of this website, the messageboards and these Summits.

We can get so caught up in work and all of the "THINGS" that go with it, that SOMETIMES something that is staring you right in face goes missed. I think I’ve always witnessed the camaraderie and relationships that have formed over the years via the messageboard. I THOUGHT that I understood it. Nothing HUGE happened last night, but a couple of things took place yesterday and last night that kind of opened my eyes to the fact that there are some VERY SPECIAL friendships that I have with you guys (and even moreso that you have with each other) that are beyond my own recognition of the fact – before.

Cool stuff people. Cool stuff. Thank you again and more about that later.


I will elaborate more with words, photos and videos later today, and I am certain that this morning’s first tracks will potentially surpass that of Saturday’s but it will take a LOT for that to happen.

When I woke up Saturday morning, the first thing that I noticed (as did all of the others who attended) was the sun. A night full of storms had cleansed the skies and they were as blue as I’ve ever seen them. The air was brisk and the snow was a perfectly groomed corduroy that was fast and as crisp as the air. The temps had dropped just an hour or so before we hit the slopes and the snow had setup hard and crusty…which was awesome for all who hit it early and often. 

We got in a number of trips down the mountain before Snowshoe’s peeps allowed anyone else to hit the slopes. That is ALWAYS cool to take part in and we want to thank Frank DeBerry and Mark Glickman for making that happen. Special thanks go to Dave Huber, Sarah Eilers and my buddy Ed Galford for coming and taking part in it with us. You guys ROCK!

As I said, I’m heading out to do it all again and I am certain that I will get a lot of video and photos of it. As the sun is coming up I see that we’ve gotten a little light snowfall on the windows…and the slopes. Snowshoe MADE snow like crazy last night. We saw the big guns go on around 7pm last night. That should make for an even more awesome Sunday first tracks…although again, I don’t see how it could have gotten any better.

This is NO CRACK on any of the other ski areas of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic as I am only reporting what I heard time and again yesterday by people who have skied all over this season. The comment heard most often on Saturday was, "This is the best snow I’ve skied on all year."

Frankly the WV resorts have had more to work with, but even so…they groomed some corduroy that EVERY ski area should work to emulate. Many do – some don’t. Those comments are for another day.

So I’m headed out to do it again this morning and I’ll report on today and many other things this evening. Check back.

If you have an opportunity to ski or ride at Snowshoe very soon…do it. The conditions are really, really nice and they are making snow with the idea that they will remain open until April 1st.

More about THAT later as well!


Here’s a quick glance at who made snow and who didn’t and you can look at the SNOW REPORT for all the details.

App is making snow
Beech is not making snow at 19°
Cat is making snow
Sugar is making snow

Wolf and Sapphire are CLOSED

Bryce is not making snow but it is 36°
Massanutten is not making snow at 30°
The Homestead is not making snow at 30°
Wintergreen is not making snow at 25°

Canaan Valley is not making snow at 17° – received one inch of natural snow.

Snowshoe is making snow and received 1" of new snow.

Timberline is making snow and received 1" of new snow.

Winterplace is not making snow at 24°

Wisp Resort is making snow at 24°

Ober is CLOSED

Drop me an email or your pics, videos and comments to [email protected]

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