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Unless you have been living underneath a rock (of which I have been guilty of in the past), you might have heard that cold weather is on it’s way! This is a much needed injection to the resorts, that couldn’t be happening at a better time. We will be seeing the coldest temperatures of the winter (so far) in the next 72 hours. This will put an end to the the recent (and current) ‘spring-like’ conditions.

Open resorts . . . 

  • Snowshoe Mountain: “Temperatures will drop later in the night transitioning these rain showers into snow showers. Our snowmaking crew will be watching the temps closely and are ready to take full advantage of these colder temps.
    • As for TODAY, “Conditions today are expected to be a little damp and the key to staying warm is staying dry, so make sure you grab some waterproof gear.”
  • Canaan Valley Resort: “There is a Winter Storm Watch in effect for late tonight into tomorrow! 4-8 inches of snow expected”. There is more snow on the horizon for the weekend and nice cold temps all week, so the wait looks to finally be over.
    • As for YESTERDAY (which will be a lot like today): Justin Harris sayz, “I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of of skiing available, with solid bases to ride on and soft conditions”
  • Quenchers Pub is THE place to be on weekends at Canaan

    Appalachian Ski Mountain: With that soft snow in place, it might be the pick day of the week to get a terrain park session at App. Here are the most recent park updates, “The Appal Jack and Appal Jam Terrain Parks are open with features for all abilities including a short shotgun rail, lift tower rail, juice box, long shotgun rail, donkey lift tower, rainbow rail and rainbow box

  • Beech Mountain: 4 runs with 2 lifts, open until 9pm. Hike-up the terrain park. “Call ahead for ice skating session times”.
  • Cataloochee: Still looking pretty good at Cat this morning. 9 runs with 5 lifts churning. Tuesdays are Homeschool Days & “in celebration of National Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month, Cataloochee is offering a special $59 beginning lesson, lift and rental package for persons age 8 and above.  Offer is valid any non-holiday Monday through Friday for the month of January and it’s only available by purchasing online.  Packages must be purchased 24 hours in advance and only a limited number of packages are available each day.”
Cataloochee from Hemphill Bald
  • Bryce Resort: I thought this was good/funny . . . A first-hand account of what it’s like at Bryce, “We have been in Bee-Gee’s operational mode for over a week (‘Stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive’). We are still hanging onto 7 trails . . . considering what we are up against, I’m just glad to be open”.
  • Massanutten: Snow report not updated this morning.
  • Wintergreen: “Just as the snowmaking crew was leaving for the day, temperatures dropped and our SNOWPOWER monster was let loose. They were able to pump out beautiful white snow for 5½ hours on all our core slopes.”
    • Here are Wintergreen’s plans for the foreseeable future: “tomorrow will bring a major change. We will be making snow round the clock pushing 8000 gallons of water per minute that will transform the mountain.”
    • As for today: “temperatures will be mild, but Southerners love the mild temps.”
  • Nice groomer at Wintergreen this morning

    Wisp: The only resort to dip into the 30’s this morning. Here is what their most recent terrain park looks like:

      ( 9- Features) Quad Kink Rail, Double Elbow, Down Rail, Down Box, Battle Ship Rail, Up Tube, Jump, Flat Tube, Propane Tank
Those terrain park features at Wisp

Thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight just SOME of the deals at the closed resorts . . . FYI:

That’s all for today.

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