Sunrise with Soft Snow

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“Similar conditions to yesterday” is the quote of the day, as we haven’t seen much change across the region. In a way, that isn’t always a bad thing, as consistency in the snowsport industry is elusive.

Today we will see unseasonably warm temps as nearly everyone was in the 40 degree (or higher) range at 7am. Luckily, with the strong snow depths and not a ton of rain forecasted, we should be able to stay very strong until Friday’s dip in the mercury.

Enjoy some mid-week groom and granular conditions!

Ober Nailed it this morning

  • Ober: “Similar conditions to yesterday”
    • “Slopes are all groomed except for Mogul.  We have switched over to our warm weather snowmaking again based on the temps in the forecast.”
    • Upcoming . . . “Friday is looking to have some cold temps move in, thankfully.”
    • Plan Ahead:

VA can’t wait ’til Friday’s cold temps . . . Monitoring a snowstorm early next week

  • Wintergreen: “We have 100% open terrain and plenty of huge piles of snow to push where needed to refresh the slopes.”
    • Can’t wait ’til Friday . . . “Friday will bring a return of snowmaking temperatures and we’re ready to flip the switch.”
    • ‘Wintergreen Will’ ready to help at the ticket window!
  • Massanutten: “It looks like we’ll see a couple of more days of above avg temps before winter returns in time for the weekend.”
    • Friday can’t come soon enough . . . “Snowmaking temps return on Friday night with some hints at a winter storm early next week.
    • Today . . . “Enjoy the warm temps and soft snow! College Days Special today – $40 Slope -Use with valid ID.”
  • Bryce: 100% Open Terrain. Hours: 9am-8:30pm
    • Nice Sunrise and Good Coverage at Bryce this morn


  • Homestead: Closed for maintenance, Wednesdays

NC is strong despite warmer temps this week

  • Cataloochee:
    • “Even with the warmer temps this week, if you take a look at our webcams here you know what a tremendous amount of snow we have!”
    • Deal . . . “Wednesdays are Family Day and a child 17 and under will receive a free lift ticket when accompanied by a parent purchasing a full price adult day, twilight or night lift ticket.”
  • Wolf: “Don’t let those temps fool you . . . ”
    • “It might be a little warm out there but we still have plenty of snow on the slopes! We have a 52″ base with 10 slopes open!”
  • App: 100% Open Terrain and Lifts
  • Beech: 82.3% Open Terrain.
    • “Every Wednesday night starting January 2nd, is Men’s Night. $15 night slope passes for the men. Bring the guys and have some fun!” (Thursdays are Ladies night . . . will feature that tomorrow).
    • Looks pretty nice atop 5506′


Wisp is 91.1% open!

  • Wisp: 
    • 31 runs open . . . 27 groomed
    • (difficult) Squirrel Cage . . . “Closed Saturday & Sunday, February 9 & 10 for Race Event”.
Wednesday Sunrise over Wisp Mountain!

Some Sogg in WV today

  • Snowshoe: “Temperatures top out in the 40’s with a bit of undeveloped snow that is forecasted to pick up in the afternoon, so grab your waterproof gear and come tear up the mountain.”
    • “If you’re a big fan of skiing bumps, AKA moguls, we’ve got quite a selection at the moment. Knotbumper, Camp 99, Lower Ballhooter, Lower Shay’s, and Flying Eagle are all sporting some nice bumps right now.”
    • Parks . . . “Evolution is closed for a park build this week. Mountaineer is open without features.”
  • Canaan: Going to be a great upcoming weekend at Canaan . . . From Cardboard Sled races to ‘Frozen’ to the Tele Revival
      • Weather-wise . . . “The extended forecast is beginning to look rather interesting . . . The winter switch is flipped back on this Saturday with a high of 23 degrees. Starting Monday, the moisture switch is flipped back on and the potential for a major winter storm exists for the first half of next week.”
      • Day 2:

  • Winterplace: 92.5% Open Terrain . . . Granular/Loose Granular
    • Breakdown:
      • 11 ‘Easiest’ Runs
      • 11 ‘More Difficult’ Runs
      • 3 ‘Most Difficult’ Runs
  • Timberline: Closed today . . .

That’s all for today.

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