Sunday Skiing and Snowboarding Promises to be Great…

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Photo of the Day is of Snowshoe Mountain’s Village after a bit of snow fell overnight.

I Enjoy This Symphony…

One of the things that I truly enjoy about my “SkiSoutheast job” is getting my morning started watching the symphony of movement that takes place each and every morning, long before most of us even think about rolling out of our warm beds. Snowmobiles and snow groomers crank up early; so early that they have to run their headlights to begin pushing snow around. I enjoy watching as those teams lay down that corduroy that we all love so much.

Snowmobiles zoom from one point on the mountain to another, transporting maintenance crews who are positioning and re-positioning snowmaking equipment and checking lines, etc. Snowmaking of the “human kind” can be seen walking the slopes e-a-r-l-y! We often think of snow patrol as only skiing the slopes all day, enjoying one of the best jobs on the planet – at least during the winter…and they DO, but early each morning you’ll find snow patrol out setting up fencing, marking hazards and scouring the slopes to ensure nothing is going to reach up out of the snow to pull skiers and snowboarders down. (You guys know about ‘snow goblins’ right 😉

I enjoy watching that synchronized effort that goes on at every ski area.

Snow Fell Over the Last 24 Hours…

I know you guys like hearing about SNOW so let’s get to that news….

We saw a real mixed bag of weather over the last 24 hours. Most areas saw a misty, yucky bit of rain most all day, pushed by a lot of wind. At times it was raw, then sunny, then raw again all day long. That began to transition over to sleet and snow midday at some mountaintops. If you were out skiing and snowboarding on Saturday, let’s just say that you were challenged and rewarded at times…depending on when you were on the slopes.

Overnight things chilled down, but were still kind of borderline, creating rime ice where the light snow stuck to it…and yet things were not cold enough to make much snow for the snowmaking crews of the region.

I received a few emailed reports of snow at Wisp, Beech and Sugar this morning and we have official data from Canaan Valley, Snowshoe’s NWS station and more. Here are those reported snowfall totals. (Not quite what we were hoping for…)

One of our readers/viewers emailed, “It seems that the most important commodity for ski resorts is snow, right? In that case, does any other ski resort have what Canaan has? They always seem to get the most snow. Am I wrong?” – Janet S. of Richmond, VA.

Well, no, Janet, you’re not wrong. Of course, there are MANY ingredients as for what makes any mountain our own favorite. However, if you’re looking for natural snowfall there is no better chance of seeing more of it than at Canaan Valley Resort. Snowshoe Mountain is right there as well. Wisp Resort in Maryland is the northernmost resort within our coverage area…and they also see quite a lot annually…but then again most of the ski resorts in our region see lots of snowfall annually. (BTW – We share season-long snowfall totals for all of our ski areas in the region AND we also share how much snow fell within each of the last 12-14 seasons on the MOUNTAIN STATS TAB for each ski resort. Want to see that content? Simply click on ANY resort and then click on the MOUNTAIN STATS TAB and voila!)

Wintergreen had three groomers out farming the snow.

Also, new this season is our updated/upgraded PLAN YOUR TRIP TAB.

When you click on any resort, you can then click on the PLAN YOUR TRIP TAB and then you’ll find dedicated partners for accommodations, dining, pubs, breweries, shopping and other recreation and more.

…oh yea, the snow…

3.6″ – Canaan Valley Resort – now 24.1″ on the season
2″ – being reported at Beech and 10.4″ on the early season

Weather Underground is predicting an additional 3-5 inches by Monday morning at Canaan.


2″ at Beech
1″ at Sugar
Trace at Appalachian
Trace at Cataloochee
Trace at Wolf

Trace at Bryce
Trace at Mass
Trace at Wintergreen


3.6″ at Canaan Valley – 24.1″ on the season
2″ at Snowshoe and 16.9″ on season. WV Ski FREE Day here at the Shoe!
0″ reported at Winterplace

1″ at Wisp and 9″ on the season

0″ at Ober


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Here are some of the sweeter photos from my own tour this morning:

This was from around 8am this morning of Snowshoe Village. Isn’t it pretty!?! Click to Enlarge.
Wintergreen had three groomers out farming the snow.
Click to Enlarge nice angle of Wintergreen this morning
Really liking the new camera at Winterplace Resort. Click to Enlarge
Sugar reported 2″ of new snowfall…, really they did.


That will do it for today.

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