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Those of you who follow this website regularly know that Sundays are a day wherein I usually just ramble a bit with things as they come to me. I DO have a primary focus today on three things.


We have had a Facebook and Instagram page for several years, but admittedly have done nearly nothing with them until about six weeks ago. Thanks to Matt Laws, Amanda Kundert and our team we have added hundreds of new readers who are now getting our daily feeds separate from our website. If you are reading this and LOVE SNOW, how about hop onto our Facebook, Instagram or YouTube page and LIKE US, FOLLOW US and SUBSCRIBE.

Our outreach and audience has grown significantly in the last week alone.

SkiSoutheast / Snowshoe Mountain Summit

We do hope you’ll join us. We just came off a record warm-spell and this happens every year. However, we always seem to have really nice conditions for that first weekend in March and last season it was so cold that Kenny Griffin, Brad Panovich and I could barely stand out on our deck and do an update.

Get 15-20% OFF lodging on the mountain; get a FREE Sunday Lift Pass for as many people as is allowed to book in your unit; Sunday First Tracks and lots of fun on the mountain and around the Village.

We have LOTS to give away at this year’s SkiSoutheast Summit!

We are giving away hundreds of our new shirts, hoodies, beanies and stickers – and only to those in attendance. We usually end up with around 100+ people in attendance, and WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US.

We announced the dates this past Thursday and so far we have (47) people registered and booked. We always have an awesome time and this is a great way to meet new friends who love all things SNOW!




I received some good feedback from many of you who watched the SNOW REPORT on Saturday here and via Facebook. So here it is again, showing some LIVE streams from around the region.

We’ll probably limit this feature to the weekends as I am not certain if Rudy has the resources to do it during the week. With everyone carrying “computers” around in their pockets these days, we may begin doing this everyday in the future.


Canaan Valley Resort…

I will begin my “mentions” this morning by sharing that nobody in the Southeast or mid-Atlantic is doing as good a job of marketing their mountain as Steve Drumheller is doing with his ramping up of the duties he’s provided Justin Harris. You guys NEED to watch all of the videos that we shared here on this page…



I witnessed veritable snow globes at some ski areas this morning. Most notably Appalachian Ski Mountain, Cataloochee Ski Area and perhaps at Wisp where some impressive snowmaking was happening.

Appalachian bombing the mountain this morning

I think most all ski areas made snow last night with the exceptions of Bryce Resort, which I mistakenly reported as having made snow Saturday. They did not on either of the last two nights despite it being cold enough to do so both nights.

Cataloochee kicking butt this morning with snowmaking
Man! Snowshoe’s Silvercreek was looking great this morning. I call THAT “Primo Corduroy”

Ober Gatlinburg did not make snow, however it was slightly to warm to allow it other than with their “warm weather snow making plant”.

Massanutten Resort had massive snowmaking ops going on and multiple groomers on the mountain!
Beech Mountain Summit Cam showing great Snowmaking atop Beech’s 5506′ elevations!

Timberline Resort was the only other ski area than Bryce Resort that could have made snow and yet didn’t. As we all know, Timberline has been struggling a bit this season. Contrary to some nasty commentaries on social media, Timberline is doing the best they can with limited resources right now.

Here’s kind of a breakdown of some notables by amount of terrain open

100% Open

Appalachian Ski Mountain

Bryce Resort – Not much updating though as the latest Mountain Memo news on their website is from mid December. I incorrectly guessed that they may snow yesterday, but they have not on either of the last two nights when they could have at 16°. Open til 5pm today.

Cataloochee Ski Area – 18 of 18 and snow tubing
Sapphire Valley – both trails and snow tubing. Closes at 6pm

Snowshoe Mountain – all 60 trails, tubing, snowmobiling & more.
Sunday Funday is Snowshoe and it’s going to be a good one. Their team of groomers and snowmakers worked their magic and have the mountain in fantastic shape for today. The corduroy is going to be A+ this morning so get out there at rope drop and carve it up. Widowmaker will be delayed until around 11AM for ski team training. Mountaineer is open without park features. For your safety and the safety of others, please ski/ride under control at all times and respect all trail signage.

Wintergreen Resort – all 25 trails, snow tubing and more.
ALL trails are open and have a fresh coating of snow. Perfect corduroy awaits the early birds. Stop by Checkerberry Cabin for Happy Hour – serving great beverages and food specials. At 2 pm head over to the terrain park and cheer the athletes in the Double Down Diamond Rail Jam and Slopestyle.

Enjoy your time with family and friends. Aren’t we lucky to live and play in such a beautiful part of Virginia?

Close to 90% or More Open

Massanutten Resort with 13 of 14 trails and 14 lanes of snowtubing
Ober Gatlinburg with 9 of 10 trails, tubing, ice skating, mountain coaster

Omni Homestead is open with 8 of 9 trails, tubing and mini snowmobiles today. They recently instituted “Stay Late Sunday” where resort guests can select the time they want to check out (until 6 pm). This allows more time for winter sports! Snow making is underway and will continue throughout the day. Goggles and face masks are recommended.

Winterplace Resort – 25 of 27 trails open as well as tubing.

75%-80% or More Open

Beech Mountain Resort 13 of 17 closed Crossway between Upper Shawneehaw & Robbins Run

Wisp Resort with 27 of 34 trails and open til 5pm on Sundays. Tubing, Ice Skating and Mountain Coastering all open.

65% Open or More

Wolf Ridge Resort with 10 of 15 trails and snow tubing open for day sessions only on Sundays.

53% Open

Canaan Valley Resort 25 of 47 trails til 6pm

20% Open

Timberline Resort – they dropped one trail from Saturday and are now open with only 8 trails of 40 available. Salamander IS open of those. They will operate until 4:30pm


That will do it for me today. Email me with any comments or questions. Send photos! [email protected]

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