Rain Ends, The Sun Will Come Out at a Ski Resort Near You

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Whatever I wrote Saturday morning…ditto for Sunday…as things are kind of wet, damp, chilly, raw and under-developed this morning at most of the ski resorts in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic.

However, if you want to see what it coming for later in the day for all of the resorts, simply take a look at the LIVE CAM at Cataloochee Ski Area as the sun is already out and things looks pretty awesome!

Click to Enlarge blue skies at Cat!

As I was posting this FirsTrax news, it was pretty wet and foggy elsewhere.

Check the SNOW REPORT for all the deets as things are pretty much ‘ditto’ what they were yesterday. So today I’m going to randomly share other comments.

Contests!? Are You Guys Going to Give Away Stuff this Season?

I’m getting that question a LOT lately. I guess Christmas is closing in on us – as is the peak portion of the season and you guys just want to know.

Well, sure, we will be giving away lots of stuff. We do that every season and this one will be no different. Lift passes, some vacation cabin rentals, some free lodging and more WILL be given away throughout the season.

All YOU have to do this season to be entered into ALL giveaways is to LIKE AND FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! That is the preferred method, however, if you are like me and NOT a Facebook person, you can instantly enter any contest by also Subscribing to Our YouTube Channel, Instagram and more.

…and There’s Another Benefit!

skisoutheast TVOver the last few seasons, as technology has allowed, Kenny Griffin and I have attempted to bring our readers LIVE content from around the region. Video is awesome and we will continue to do that, but LIVE FEED VIDEO is even better right? Well if you Subscribe/Like our Facebook or Instagram channels, you will be quickly notified THE MOMENT to launch anything LIVE from the slopes and ski mountain communities we all love!

Last week, during the 18″ snow storm, Kenny Griffin posted the LIVE FEED below!


This season, with the multiple improvements in technology, we will be pushing LIVE FEEDS from your favorite mountain. Obviously BEING HERE is better, but if you can’t be here, you can still enjoy seeing LIVE video.

So subscribing to SkiSoutheast’s Social Media will get you more FREE CONTENT and FREEBIES such as lift passes, free vacations and more. So scroll back up and LIKE US!
Another question I’m getting a lot….

“Why Aren’t You Guys Talking About Sugar? What Gives?”

I’m getting that question a lot via email and even on numerous, social media accounts. A few times each day my SkiMail will have that question posed one way or another. Every other day or so, someone will comment or ask the question. Most are pretty straightforward and a few tend to read something into it…that isn’t there.

On Saturday, I received 14 emails asking the question.

The answer is simple, really.

SkiSoutheast.com is an independent reporting service that has provided a ton of content delivery for 23 seasons now. 16 of the 17 ski areas support us and at the very least acknowledge that we have a great service to readers and ski and snowboarding enthusiasts around the region – except one. Sugar. Hence we will always include them on our SNOW REPORT, but simply won’t promote them in our FirsTrax news, events, photo features or videos.

In much the same way that Chambers of Commerce only mention ‘member’ businesses, we have chosen to only promote those resorts who at the very least, recognize what we do here. Simple as that.

There’s nothing nefarious to it. Most golf courses advertise with Golf.com. Some don’t. Golf.com doesn’t promote those that don’t.

Additionally, we are making a focused effort to more beneficial to those ski resorts that partner with us across the board.

Honorable Mentions….

For the second day in a row we are featuring snow tubing. Beech Mountain’s Tubing is OPEN!

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

While on the subject of tubing. Massanutten Resort shared that they were now offering COSMIC SNOW TUBING and Kenny Hess shared:

“Mike, that video went berserk on our FB page! 242K views and 2k comments. Who would have thought?”

Peeps DO like their snow tubing.

Speaking of FREE…

If you hurry over to Wolf Ridge Resort in Mars Hill, Wolf Laurel, North Carolina today, you can get a free lift ticket.


Today is the day you CAN score a free lift ticket and help make a difference! Take12 cans of food and receive a lift ticket for riding today until 4:30pm!

Give me a little ‘hash’ with that.

I’m an old South Carolina guy and I love me some barbeque. So ‘HASH’ for me means something different than to millennials and social media enthusiasts. …and don’t go there if you’re a drug-crazed, hippie from the 60s.

However, I have received a TON of emails from people suggesting that I need to use appropriate hashtags to attract more peeps, especially snow-loving peeps, to our website and social media pages.

To be honest, we kind of look at ResortCams.com, SkiSoutheast.com and all of our weather content – as well as the new www.HighCountryVacations.com website – as our own little social media pond of our own. We’ve focused so much of our time here and it was awesome during last week’s storm to see over 750,000 users visiting our content – for a single day record-to-date.

However, like a lot of our ski areas, we have not really put as much focus on our own Social Media content as we should have. So, we want your help to fix that. Do us a favor and share our links with your circle of friends. Even if they are not skiers or snowboarders…they certainly like the mountains, right? …and who doesn’t like freebies?

Unlike our promoted ski areas, we are a lot more than ANY ONE ski resort. So hashtagging for us would look something like this – haha!

#ski #snowboarding #winter #snow #mountains #ncmountains #boone #northcarolina #virginia #westvirginia #maryland #tennessee #AppSkiMtn #BeechMountainResort #Cataloochee #SapphireValley #WolfRidgeResort #BryceResort #MassanuttenResort #OmniHomestead #WintergreenResort #CanaanValleyResort #SnowshoeMountain #TimberlineResort #WinterplaceResort #WispResort #DeepCreekLake #Gatlinburg #OberGatlinburg #SkiConditions #SkiPhotos #canaanvalley #skithetrees #ridethemeadows #ThinkSnow #SkiSoutheast #AlmostHeaven #winterplaceskiresort #SkiersForecast #slopereports #SnowLovers

…geez, the list is endless!




Winterplace posted this First Chair Video yesterday!



That will do it for today.

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