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When I walked out this morning it was raining hard enough that water was "waterfalling" over the steps in front of my home. That’s not exactly what I was wanting to see as I headed to work. The temperature was 38°. Five minutes later I was listening to John Hoffman of Fred’s Mercantile who was up on Beech Mountain talking about how hard it was snowing!

An hour later (around 8:30am) the temp had fallen to 32° here at our offices and it was dumping snow! We’ve seen anywhere from "Charlie Brown flakes" to flakes that look like tissue paper, to a fine dusting of snow falling most all morning. That combination has made for nothing more than a wet slush on the ground and roadways up to now.

The forecast as of noon is for 3-6" of snow to fall across the mountains of North Carolina and up to 18" of snow for the Virginias. The forecast for Snowshoe is for 4-8" of snow today (Wednesday), 3-7" more tonight, and 1-3" on Thursday. That should make for 8-18" of snow. How’s that for a range Joe? I’m just using the data from the NWS.

Colder air is in place into even some of the ski resort areas that haven’t seen all that much snow this season such as Wintergreen, Massanutten and The Homestead. 4-9" of snow is forecasted for Wintergreen Resort. That will be sweet for them. The Snowshoe snow is SWEET for yours truly as I am headed up that way early on Friday so I’ll be skiing some freshies! Wet snow, powder, whatever…it’s all good right!

If you’re going to be up that way, drop me an email and we can make some turns together. I’ll be joining up with Joe Stevens while I’m there on Saturday and that should be fun.  I hope to hang for a bit with my sister from another mister – Laura Parquette. Laura?


We had a blast at the SkiNC Summit this past Saturday and I got that posted today. You can see the fun had on and off the slopes by visiting the VIDEO PAGE.  

We’re already getting some great feedback on those planning to join us for the / Snowshoe Summit which will be held March 4,5, 6th this year. There’s a lot of info already posted and we’ll be posting lots more. For now you can see what we DO have up promoting it by clicking here:

SkiSoutheast Snowshoe Summit Promo

The main thing to know is that you can join us for THREE DAYS OF FUN at 25% OFF ALL LODGING BOOKED THROUGH SNOWSHOE RESERVATIONS and all in your party get a FREE SUNDAY LIFT TICKET AND the first 50 to sign up will get Saturday’s lift pass FREE as well…all compliments of Snowshoe Mountain and

We’ll be posting up a bunch more by next week but join us now!

That’s it for now. Depending on what happens with all the snow…we’ll post again soon. Check back.

Email me at [email protected]  

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