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…And We’re Down to Two Ski Areas on Easter Sunday

…and after today…one…Appalachian Ski Mountain. Cataloochee’s last day of the 2015-2016 ski & snowboarding season was Saturday and Snowshoe will close for skiing and snowboarding after day sessions today.

That will leave Appalachian Ski Mountain as the lone resort still standing. Snowshoe really hustled to maintain pretty darn nice conditions by all accounts. Today they will play on 36 slopes and trails. They posted,

The final day of the season has arrived and while it’s always a bittersweet occasion, we will be making the most of it. It’s going to be a beautiful Easter Sunday so send the little ones out for the egg hunt in the village and soak up that last bit of springtime slush.

Variable coverage exists on the slopes, snow may be thin in some areas so please ski/ride with caution.

Slope Hours:
Snowshoe Basin: 9am – 4:30pm
Western Territory: 9am – 4:15pm
Silver Creek: 9am – 4:30pm

2016-03-27-APP2Appalachian Ski Mountain’s Meltdown Games always brings a ton of fun and Saturday’s festivities were mostly taking place under beautiful, partly cloudy skies.

Today’s fun continues and App is adding ONE MORE, NEW EVENT to cap off the games with “The Uphill Challenge!”. Get this: Riders will start at THE BASE of Orchard Run with skis on feet or 1 foot in Snowboards, and hike as fast as possible to the TOP of Orchard! The finish line will be beside the TOP of #3 lift. The race is TODAY at 1pm.

I’d love to witness that but I will be traveling with the fam today.

Appalachian will continue skiing and riding PAST today’s fun as they posted,

Winter isn’t over until we say it is. Come enjoy Appalachian’s classic end of the winter celebration on Sunday March 27. A full weekend of crazy events you won’t see any other time of the year, with lots of snow, sun, and skin.

Appalachian’s peeps don’t seem to be budging off of their April 2nd closing date…however they are fading fast in terms of base. That “WEATHER PERMITTING” thing may come into play.



This is always the time of year that snow lovers hate. For all intent and purposes we began to see the end of this particular season a LOT sooner than most. March 4th, 5th and 6th many of us were enjoying near-epic conditions and natural snowfall at the SkiSoutheast / Snowshoe Summit and then literally with the exception of a day or two since that time – the Spring ‘switch’ flipped.

I suppose we will keep posting the SNOW REPORT for Appalachian and for those of you who still want to come around for 3-6 more days of snow play at App.

We’ve seen our own visitor traffic nose diving for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to take a moment and pass out some ‘thank yous’ of my own.

First, thanks to Amy Goodwin and the West Virginia Tourism Commission. Over the last couple of seasons Amy and her team have really been a great partner to what we do here. Thank you Amy for “getting who we are and who we are here for” and for being such a great partner.

Thanks to Terry Pfeiffer and the West Virginia Ski Areas Association for your continued partnership and synergies.

Thanks to my buddy, Joe Stevens (also the official spokesperson for the WV Ski Areas Association) who spends some time weekly via his Snow News is Good News column. Joe also calls and talks with me weekly about all things snow across the region. Thanks for several years of collaboration via the site, my friend.

Of course I want to extend a special thanks to each of the ski areas who work with us via the webcams and snow reporting partnerships. We attempt to promote all of our region’s resorts equitably, but these resorts go the extra mile and deserve a special thank you. These are the ski areas that support what we do here. We REALLY appreciate you guys.

Snowshoe Mountain
Canaan Valley Resort
Winterplace Resort
Timberline Resort
Omni Homestead Resort
Massanutten Resort
Wintergreen Resort
Bryce Resort
Beech Mountain Resort
Wisp Resort
Appalachian Ski Mountain
Wolf Ridge Resort

Thanks to my man Kenny Griffin who wears so many hats at Appnet and still finds the time and passion to be “Mr. SkiSoutheast” for a good portion of the 150 day season. His handling of the Snow Reporting and FirsTrax Morning Blog during each week really takes a load off of me. Kenny is also our ski and webcam IT guy and neither website would be the same without him. Thanks DUDE!

A big thank you has to go out to OUR OFFICIAL Meteorologist, Brad Panovich. Brad has been with us for several seasons now and this season he went the extra mile to provide good video skier’s forecasts all season long. In fact, he provide more frequent updates that in any season prior and that is saying a ton when you consider how terrible this season was in terms of cooperative weather. Brad is a real snow-goose but his forecasts are typically spot on. Thanks again Brad for your participation here and through your many mentions on WCNC News Channel 36 broadcasts.

Thanks to all of our Television Partners. There are TOO MANY television partners to mention all of you, but you know who you are and we feel very blessed to know that you guys are out there sharing the LIVE CAMS and talking us up on your broadcasts. This season we heard from about one-half of our 100+ television partners. Thanks so much for helping to spread the word. An honorable mention ‘thank you’ needs to go our to Mike Stinneford of the Washington D.C. market who keeps us informed within that region.

Thanks to the newest member of our reporting team, David McCue. David was a surprise ‘find’ this season. I’m not sure how we ended up coming together on inviting him to be a part of our team – but I am so glad that we did because I think he brings a special vibe to the site. His stories this season have been thoughtful and in a word – cool. I hope to expand on his participation in seasons to come.

I want to thank other members of our staff who contributed this season. Longtime travel writer, Randy Johnson was a new addition to the staff this season and his posts were both entertaining and well received by our readers. My Appnet staff – Lauren Style, Lisa Clough and Tim Salt helped out with billing and graphics this season. Thanks so much.

In closing, THANK YOU to YOU, our readers, for giving us a little bit of your day. Thanks for stopping by regularly and allowing us to talk about all of our great ski areas and all that they offer each and every day when the weather cooperates.

Your readership has made us indisputably NUMBER ONE in market share.

We attract:

14 times the traffic of our nearest competitor.

17 times the traffic of

7 times the traffic of all other snow reporting services in the region – put together!

That means that is now the voice of skiers, snowboarders and the ski areas that we promote across all demographics.

So THANKS TO OUR READERS. While it has been one of the strangest weather seasons in a couple of decades, it has still been a great season for

We will continue to enhance and improve the website and its outreach with new and exciting innovations. It goes without saying that we deeply appreciate the support of our loyal readership.

Until tomorrow…

That’s it for me today.

Email me anytime and about anything at: [email protected]


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