“Southeastern Skiing May not be Big, But it’s FUN!

First Trax

The title of today's article is in the words of the message board's DavidSki, who recently wrote that sentiment in response to another user's recent trip report. You speak the truth, David ๐Ÿ™‚ Or at least, in my mind; and fun is the exact word to describe this past weekend for many of you.

Did everybody get out and take advantage of the great conditions across all 16 southeastern ski resorts this past weekend? Judging by the buzz on the Trip Report message board forum, I'd say many of you did!

Now if only we could get MORE of you to post the details of your adventures and represent your resort of choice. Based on what I see and who our faithful users are, Beech, Sugar, and Cat are probably the three most talked about resorts on here. Don't get me wrong – I don't get sick of reading about these three or any in particular; I just know there's much more going on out there at other equally notable locations.

I enjoyed the reports from your Saturday and Sunday outings, and have decided to share a sentence or two from a few in case not all of you keep up with the forum–

Our very own theKENDOG imparted his account, "bluebird skies, perfect temps, snow blowers off by 10am, manageable weekend crowds, a fun park setup….it was a really fun Saturday at Beech."

RMacSki told his unique tale, "Jumped in a suburban Friday after work with the guy that fit my boots and 4 other people I'd never met. 4.5 hours later we arrived at the gnarliest of gnar mountains called Cataloochee Ski Area."

FleurDeSki was kind enough to disclose an honest description of her first day on the snow this season at Sugar, "Good to get back on snow after 10 months. First turns were sketchy for me as always, but got much better as the morning went on."

Thanks, guys! To see their full reports, click here.

Now, don't look at it like we're asking you to do something for nothing. There's no pressure to post trip reports, so if the question rubs you the wrong way, I'm not asking YOU. It's just something simple and fun that allows you to relive your memorable moments while giving others the opportunity to share in your joy, maybe learn something new about a resort they've never been to, and get the itch to go. Not to mention, you have the chance to brag a bit and show off ๐Ÿ™‚ The forum in general allows users to connect and even plan trips together. So, give it a thought… and don't think of it as work.

Okay, so we're good on trip reports? Let's move on… Not TOO much changed from yesterday morning's snow conditions. A few resorts lost a couple of open slopes here and there and maybe an inch or two off their bases, but overall, nothing that will be noticeable. Some temps dropped even lower, and snowmaking occurred at more resorts than not. Sure, we haven't seen much in terms of natural snowfall lately, but the cold temperatures are allowing the resorts to maintain their favorable conditions. That's really what we care about, isn't it?

Enjoy today, and let tomorrow (or next week) worry about itself ๐Ÿ˜‰ We're seven days in to 2013 and the season's looking good!

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*Photos courtesy of theKENDOG's trip report 1-5-2013

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