Southeast Ski Areas Enjoy a Weekend Burst of COLD and SNOW, then a Mild Up…


This weekend is looking very nice for the ski resorts of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, however the long range forecast for the next ten days will make for some Spring Conditions across the board, and SOME ski areas, particularly those further South like Wolf Laurel, The Homestead, Bryce and others may be making some decisions to close up.  That wouldn’t be too surprising since for those resorts mentioned, it wouldn’t be too much earlier than usual.  However with the ten day forecast of milder than normal air filtering in after this weekend, don’t be surprised if another resort or two calls it quits.  Word has it that Ski Beech may be looking hard at the forecast and making that decision at some point during the middle of next week if things begin to look thin again.

Resorts further north into West Virginia and Maryland are in good enough shape to weather the next ten day stretch and will certainly make it until later in the month or for their planned closing dates if the cold air returns.

This long range forecast looks a little silly right now in light of the fact that some resorts received SNOW last night.  We have already heard from Snowshoe Mountain with 2”, Canaan Valley with 4” and we’re sure that others will report in.  However the look ahead is looking like Spring Skiing Conditions will kick into high gear after this weekend’s cold and snow pass.  Enjoy the best conditions RIGHT NOW at all Southeast Ski Resorts because after Monday, they will be a lot more like Spring – Loose Conditions.

Here’s a breakdown by spotlighted areas:

WISP RESORT IN MARYLAND – Look for snow showers today and a high in the upper 20s.  The cold air has held tight up there and conditions are great right now.  Lows overnight tonight should be in the low to mid teens which will have them making snow.  Saturday looks like snow flurries and highs in the low to mid 30s and overnight lows in the mid to upper teens.  Monday should be sunny with highs in the mid 30s and lows around 20.  Then it begins to mild up into the upper 30s Monday, into the upper 30s on Tuesday,  and then 40s and 50s through March 12th.

SNOWSHOE MOUNTAIN – You can really “ditto” the forecast for Wisp Resort above, except drop the temps by a degree or two.  Look for cold and snow to continue this weekend and then gradually mild up through next week and through next weekend to at least March 12th.  Great conditions now and plenty of snow – then milder and Loose Spring Conditions through next week and weekend.

WINTERGREEN RESORT IN VIRGINIA – They have plenty of good snow right now, but look for more and more Spring Conditions as the highs today will be in the 40° range and then look for nice snowmaking temps of around 22° tonight and Saturday night.  Saturday should be sunny with highs around 45°.  Sunday will warm to 51°. Sunday night and Monday AM show a chance for light snow flurries and then the mild up begins. Highs in the 50s and 60s will be the norm through the next week and more – at least to March 12th.

THE NC MOUNTAINS – This weekend will be slightly colder than normal with sunny skies and highs in the 30s today and low 20s tonight (great for snowmaking).  Saturday should top out at about 42° and dip down to 21° tomorrow night.  Sunday should mild up a bit to more normal temps of 48° for a high and 30° for a low.  Monday looks like light snow flurries to a dusting of snow and highs in the upper 30s and lows around 28°.

After that – things are looking pretty mild for a stretch. Tuesday’s highs will reach into the mid to upper 40s, Wednesday into the upper 40s, Thursday will top out at about 56° and Friday and NEXT Saturday and Sunday look to be making it to near 60°. Overnight lows will only be in the 40s.  That will definitely make for Spring Skiing Conditions in Western North Carolina .

Last year during this week ahead, we saw 7” of snow and traditionally it’s a pretty snow period as we’ve had some of our biggest snows of the season during the upcoming week in weather history.  March 8th of 1971 we saw more than 11” of snow fall and each day ahead for the next week as we look back in weather history – this week has brought us numerous snows of more than 6”.  Not so for this week ahead.  Could this spell the closing of more resorts?  Check back and we’ll keep you posted.

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