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The cold air returns very soon (as early as Tuesday evening) and we will have a LENGTHY period of prime snowmaking conditions. I hate to use the word prime because there is one hitch . . . WIND! The wind gusts look to get up to 38+ mph, which makes it really hard for snowmaking teams . . . (dress warm night crews, because you are going to experience below zero temps with the wind chill!). The wind will really dictate where the snow gets blown to which will make it harder to aim the guns in the desired direction.

All that being said, I am super stoked on this upcoming forecast for EVERYONE. I was at Cataloochee on Friday-Sunday, and things were starting to get a bit bare, in spots.

Toss in some natural snow accumulations of 5-10″ for Canaan, Snowshoe, Wisp, Timberline, 3-7″ for Winterplace, and an inch or two at Beech. This week is lining up to be great . . . that’s not even mentioning this upcoming weekend!

Open resorts (including forecasts from 

  • Snowshoe Mountain: no change to their behemoth acreage. 13/14 lifts spinning today. 72+ hour snowmaking-window (it doesn’t get above freezing during the day) . . . Tuesday night thru Friday. 1-2″ of snow on Tuesday night, 2-4″ on Wednesday with an addition 1-2″ on Wednesday night, less than 1″ on Thursday.
  • Beech Mountain: 4 runs and 2 lifts open. The terrain park is open, but you’ll have to hike-up today. 72+ hour snowmaking-window ahead, Tuesday night thru Friday night. No REAL accumulations expected, but don’t rule out a half to an inch of snow.
  • Cataloochee: 9 runs and 5 lifts open. Tube World is closed for the time being. 72+ hour snowmaking-window ahead, Tuesday night thru Friday night. No snow accumulation expected.
  • Canaan Resort: 19 runs and 3 aerial lifts (plus 1 surface lift) open today. 72+ hour snowmaking-window ahead, Tuesday night thru Friday night. Less than 1″ of snow on Tuesday night, 2-4″ on Wednesday, with an additional 2-4″ on Wednesday Night, 1″ on Thursday.
  • Wintergreen: 10 runs and 4 lifts open today until 5pm. Tubing is closed. 72+ hour snowmaking-window ahead. Tuesday night thru Friday night. No snow accumulation expected.
  • Massanutten: 5 runs and 5 lifts today. No Terrain park features. “Monday Night Madness starts tonight, $20 Slope-Use, $20 equipment rental and a Free Beginner lesson. Tickets go on sale at 3:45. No night skiing on Tuesday nights this season.” Here is what Mass has to say about the upcoming forecast, “It appears that Old Man Winter will be waking up on Wednesday to bring us some winter weather that looks to stick around for a while. We’ll resume snowmaking as temperatures allow to build the base on our existing terrain and open additional terrain as soon as possible.” Below freezing at night on Tuesday thru Friday. Below freezing during the day on Friday. No snow accumulation expected.
  • Appalachian: 9 runs and 5 lifts today. App FB post says, “It’s lining up to be a great week. Snowmaking returns Wednesday and natural snow is in the forecast for the weekend”. I haven’t even looked at this weekend’s forecast yet, but that is exciting! 72+ hour snowmaking window, Tuesday night thru Thursday night. Less than 1/2 inch of snow expected.
  • Bryce: still open on 7 runs and 3 lifts. Remember Bryce is open until 5pm on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Bryce FB post says, “Winter weather is headed our way again soon according to weather forecasters.” Below freezing temps at night on Tuesday thru Friday. No snow accumulation expected.
  • Wisp: 14 runs and 7 lifts today . . . open until 5pm. Here is the latest from their Mountain Message blog post (from yesterday), “Next up, our Snowmaking Team plans to take the stage tonight (after a hiatus no thanks to Mature Nature!) with a small window of opportunity.  That crew will churn out as much snow as they can and we are all optimistic that the winds aren’t too much of a factor.  Let’s Make Snow!” It doesn’t look like they added to their base, but the forecast looks amazing . . . 72+ hour below freezing temps., Tuesday night thru Friday night. Less than 1″ of snow on Tuesday night, 2-4″ on Wednesday with an additional 2-4″ on Wednesday night, 1″ on Thursday.
Wisp: A little fresh snowmaking on the right

An update on the (Temporarily) closed resorts (with forecasts) . . . 

  • Winterplace: the sustained warm/wet weather proved to be too much for Winterplace right now. “Operations have been suspended Monday, January 7, 2019 – January 10, 2019”. But, the weather looks cold . . . Below Freezing (at night) Tuesday – Friday. 2-4″ of Snow on Wednesday, and an additional 1-3″ on Wednesday night.
  • Wolf Ridge: had a good suggestion . . . get your skis/board tuned up during this little lull. It never hurts to get a mid-winter tune-up. The forecast looks good, as it will be below freezing Tuesday – Friday nights.
  • Ski Sapphire Valley: “Ski Sapphire Valley is temporarily closed. Cold weather returns this week, so we hope to re-open Friday, Jan 11 . . . Please check back often”. Below freezing (at night) Tuesday – Friday.
  • Timberline: 72+ hour snowmaking-window ahead! It doesn’t even get above freezing during the day, Wednesday thru Friday. 1″ of Snow on Tuesday night. 2-4″ on Wednesday, with an additional 2-4″ on Wednesday night. 1″ on Thursday.
  • Omni Homestead: Sub-Freezing Temperatures return Tuesday thru Friday. Less than 1″ of snow on Wednesday, 1-2″ Wednesday night, 1/2″ on Thursday.
  • Ober: Had to close-up shop on Saturday. The Cubbie’s Snow Zone (kids play in the snow) is open daily (10am – 5pm) for $5. Sub-Freezing temperatures return Wednesday thru Friday evenings.
  • It even looks good for Oglebay to open this weekend!

That’s all for today.

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