Some Resorts ARE making snow!

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GREAT NEWS!!! Snowshoe, Canaan and Winterplace resorts in West Virginia made snow overnight AND are STILL making snow as we speak! They will obviously do so as long as temperatures allow up there. The forecast looks like it might hold and allow the West Virginia resorts to make snow again tonight. That will certainly be GREAT news to snow lovers everywhere!

Snowshoe Announces Snowmaking – "The sounds you hear from 4800 feet in the mountains of West Virginia right now are snow guns. Snowshoe Mountain’s snowmakers resumed operations last night (Thursday) around 10 pm and this morning over 200 guns were in operation covering the slopes once again. The temperature last night got as low as 21 degrees and at 9:30 am it was still only 25 degrees. We will continue to make snow as long as Mother Nature allows."

You may notice that most resorts closed more trails since yesterday’s report. The obviously reason is due to the worsening conditions at most places. In the case of the West Virginia resorts, it has more to do with wanting to concentrate on making every flake of snow that they can on the concentrated areas. Joe Stevens of Snowshoe reports, "We are actually closing 10 trails that we COULD be skiing and riding on, but we wanted to concentrate on making as much snow as possible for our guests. " You can expect those trails to reopen soon.

Sugar Mountain was the only ski area in North Carolina to make snow as temperatures didn’t quite make it down to the needed digits.

– There will be no more snowmaking temps once this little cold front passes…until MAYBE next Thursday. West Virginia and Virginia resorts, and Appalachian, Cataloochee and Wolf Laurel in North Carolina will be able to last through this cold drought and stay open for skiing. The BEST SNOW is unquestionably found at Snowshoe right now…but good skiable terrain can be found at all of the resorts above.

Sugar and Ski Beech in North Carolina, and Ober Gatlinburg in Tennessee MIGHT not quite be able to make it through the next week with mild temps still in the forecast. That’s nothing official…but it is our best guess. The GOOD NEWS is that cold temps are on the way! Right now, there is good news for the Martin Luther King Weekend! Hold onto those reservations people!

The temperatures are looking like around Thursday of next week we’ll get some COLD weather. Snowguns will be firing around the Southeast and with the new technology and 100% slope coverage, we could see resorts making enough snow Thursday and Friday night of next week to give us some more trails to play on! SO THINK COLD AND SNOW!

Canaan Valley getting the bum rap? – We’re not sure what Canaan Valley did to upset the Southeastern Ski Areas Association but that organization has never reported Canaan as open…as yet this season. They ARE open although they did shut some trails down for snowmaking overnight and today. Canaan Valley IS making snow as long as temperatures allow today! Yea!

Timberline Resort in West Virginia is REALLY letting us down. We have tried to keep you guys updated with the latest on Timberline and it’s just been nearly impossible. We’re going to try once more to get them updating us (and all snowreporting services) regularly but today’s report shows NO REPORT because they have not updated us and they have not even updated their OWN website since January 5th! Our apologies to all of you who have repeatedly asked us for Timberline information. We EVEN tried to get them to allow US to take over their website. They simply are not getting it done. Sorry to say.

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