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What a great little weather pattern we’ve been in this last week or so.  We’ve seen most all of the resorts across the region get in on the snowmaking opportunities. As meteorologist, Brad Panovich mentioned in his latest Skier’s Forecast video, base depths are creeping up and up. Snowshoe Mountain is reporting an average 45″ base and we’re seeing 25-50 bases at various resorts, so that’s an awesome bit of news.

White Gold and Whale Sightings Everywhere!

Fred’s is always a great “attraction” all their own. Click to Enlarge

We talk about it all the time, but there is nothing that will create the excitement we all want and need in the ski industry like even a little natural snowfall. I was up on Beech Mountain this past Saturday and there was at least 3-4″ of snow on the ground at those high elevations. Beech Mountain picked up ANOTHER 2″ of snow overnight and now there are at an even 12″ on the season. I have to tell you that bodes well to see this kind of a start on the season as Brad and other meteorologists have predicted an up and down winter.

Before I mention the forecast, Snowshoe added another 1″ of new, natural snowfall; Winterplace 2″ and Omni Homestead Resort picked up their first, significant snow of the season/preseason with 2″ of their own.

I mentioned “whale sightings”, check out the capture this morning at the bottom of Silvercreek at Snowshoe Mountain.

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We “caught this whale” during our morning video news report from Snowshoe Mountain. Click to Enlarge!

One Quick Mention About the Weather.

Thanks to Brad Panovich for keeping us more up to date than ever in terms of his Skier’s Forecast Videos. Those are even more important this season as ski resorts will be operating within the challenges of the weather – like every season – but also within the challenges brought about by Covid-19 and managing traffic. With several ski resorts only allowing online lift ticket purchasing and SOME making it where you have to purchases lift tickets online AND a day ahead, our readers will have to count on SkiSoutheast and ResortCams more than ever to determine when to make those reservations for ski getaways all season long.

Watch Brad’s Latest Skier’s Forecast Video


This was how things looked this morning on our early SkiSoutheast News Update


We did a Quick LIVE Facebook feed this morning showing the snow atop our favorite ski mountains

The weather forecast is for good, snowmaking opportunities at least at night, this week through Wednesday and even into Thursday for many ski resorts. Then this weekend will be a bit of a mild up, but it looks to only be lasting for a couple of days as cold air returns Sunday night and next week. Things are looking really nice for additional snowmaking and some additional, natural snow over the next forecast period and right up to around December 21st and THAT bodes well for those of us who are scheduled to enjoy some Christmas-to-New-Year skiing and snowboarding.

If you have not yet made reservations for the Holidays, you may be close to already out-of-luck, but I’d get to it if not. As we have been reporting all summer, fall and thus far this early preseason/season, visitor and tourism numbers are sky high at all mountain locations. So it is imperative to plan early this season, whether you want to do a one or two day getaway or something more prolonged.

We’ve been sharing high-traffic numbers for months now, but another example of that is Tweetsie Railroad’s Christmas Train. They’ve always been a hard ticket to get, but they are completely sold out for every night from now through Christmas! Check out more about The Christmas Train

That’s it for now. Be sure to check back early and often.

Think SNOW!
Think COLD!
…and when you’re visiting a ski area this winter, whether on the snow or walking around the villages and shops…


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