Snowshoe’s Cupp Run to Open on Wednesday!

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Ready for the most vertical in the Southeast? The Cupp Run is scheduled to open on Wednesday! Snowshoe has announced that to all lovers of the 1.5+ mile trail.

With that announcement it won’t be long before Shay’s Revenge will be opening. Perhaps the trail that we get the most emails about is the one that begins with UPPER Shay’s and crosses over to LOWER Cupp. That gives thrill seekers a lot gliding run with plenty if speed and vertical. It also avoids Lower Shay’s which quite frankly scares the @#*! out of a lot of people.

Truthfully it’s a run that I like to do ONCE per visit just to be able to answer, "Yea, I skied Shay’s this year" to all who write to me. Since I’m being honest I have to say that while I CAN ski Shay’s Revenge, it’s just too much work and I enjoy making the steep, smooth drops of The Cupp Run…and Upper Cupp gives me all the adrenaline rush I need!

While on the subject of Shay’s. I get a lot of emails from people asking such questions as, "I have never skied at Snowshoe and I have a trip planned. Is Shay’s Revenge too tough for a ‘good’ intermediate skiers?" The BEST way that I can answer that is in two parts:

1. Upper Shay’s is a sweetheart of a gliding run and is actually easier than Upper Cupp.

2. Lower Shay’s is a monster and if you HAVE to ask, then the answer is ‘YES’ stay off of it because I don’t want you layed out across the slope or hidden behind one of the VW sized moguls where I might hit you!

Yours truly will be at Snowshoe Mountain from December 26th through January 2nd and if you’re one of those that asked me about having doubts about skiing Shay’s…please refrain from skiing that run during THAT week!

See you on the slopes.

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