Snowshoe Mountain’s Ken Gaitor Keeps His Promise; Cuts Beard.

First Trax

A lot of people have emailed me about this and to be honest I just have ignored those inquiries because I wasn’t certain that Ken would follow through with losing his beard. However, I met up with Snowshoe’s Shawn Cassell today and he informed me that Ken had indeed lost his beard and Snowshoe’s social media guys shared the video.

You can view the cool “production” that they put together by clicking below:

For those unaware of the background of the bet…Snowshoe Mountain Director of Operations, Ken Gaitor, said that he could have Cupp Run open by December 15th and if he couldn’t, then he’d lose his beard.

The truth is Ken never had a chance with the way December’s weather patterns hit the area. However, kudos to him for following through. So maybe his sacrifice is/was responsible for the weather turnaround?

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