Snowshoe Makes Snow! Just CHILL it’s Only a Test!

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Update by Mike Doble – [email protected]

It’s been a busy week up at old Snowshoe Mountain this last few weeks. Producer Ed (I love my job)  Schneider has been busier than the chipmunk scrurrying around looking for acorns lately. By the way the acorn crop hasn’t been "all that" so far so I’m wondering about some of those old wives tales about acorns and winter. I’ll save the elaboration of that subject for another time.

Back to Ed; he’s been busy covering every acre of Snowshoe Mountain lately. Today’s update was one that will certainly get the juices flowing for all of us snow lovers. He wrote, "Mike,  I got some more stuff for y’all! "

Here it is:

<Nice photo from Ed this morning!

"Woke up to temps about 26 degrees and the crews were indeed out there testing the guns! Can’t beat snow on Monday and little snow gun testing on Thursday. Now to just get those temps low and keep em there! "

It was 32° here at my office this morning and from a quick look around the six thousand weather stations that seem to dot the area, it was about that same temp everywhere…except a couple of spots that have their stations PURPOSELY tweaked down a degree or three. I’m not going there just yet. It’s too early and I’m enjoying the heck out of Autumn.

You can see Ed’s Snowshoe Mountain Makes Snow Video by clicking here.

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Snowshoe Makes Snow! Just CHILL it’s Only a Test! – Photo by Ed Schneider
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