Snow is in the forecast! Snowmaking Temps Too!

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SNOW! GLORIOUS SNOW! OMG and whatever other internet excalmation you can use…SNOW!

At 6:15am or so this morning I started out on my journey to first find wireless internet – because my $8000+ a week vacation rental doesn’t have internet connectivity! My next goal was to get the ski report updated.

Since I am typing away at this report this morning, I guess you guys can figure out that I figured out a way to make it all happen. Thanks to Mark Glickman, Frank DeBerry and Erin Baldwin for hooking me up. I’m at Rimfire Lodge in the Village and looking out my window as I’m updating the snow reports from around the region and I’m happy to report that I’m already seeing nearly one-half inch of snow on the rails out here.

When I first hit the road this morning to get over here to Rimfire, it was BOMBING SNOW! Hardest I’ve seen this winter. It’s still snowing here…

As of 8am there is a light rain falling around most of the region, but the good news is that areas like Beech Mountain, Sugar and the surrounding High Country ski areas, may be seeing from 2-4" of snow and if Ray Russell is correct – some of those areas close to the NC/TN line may see nearly 6" of snow later this evening and over night.

The forecast for here at Snowshoe looks like a fine-line of being snow or mix most of the day and then 4-6" of snow this evening.

Borderline or not, it is NICE just including "SNOW" in a report this season. It has been a crazy one to say the least.

I have to tell you that I looked at some of the Trip Reports over on the messageboard and Beech Mountain is doing a bang up job keeping decent conditions despite the lack of cold. They look pretty good considering.

Cataloochee Ski Area actually ADDED several trails to their open terrain! Cataloochee now has 8 of 16 trails open for day and night sessions.

Sugar is looking wet and a bit on the rough side this AM. They will turn that around in ONE DAY if we get the kind of snow that is in the forecast. Also with the forecasted LOWS tonight getting to around 23° and then 18° Wednesday night you can expect pretty darn nice conditions there by Wednesday. There’s a chance that they will get to make snow around the clock beginning later this evening at least through sometime on Thursday when things mild back up.

You can tweak that forecast DOWN a notch for the West Virginia ski areas as lows tonight at Snowshoe are forecasted to be 23° and then a HIGH on Wednesday of 23° and a low Wednesday night of 15°. Snow is in the forecast here for the next day or so.

I have to tell you that I made my first turns of the season (I know, I know) last night here at Snowshoe. It’s just been that crazy so far this season…

I, my daughter Carrigan and her friend, Kenyon hit up Silver Creek last night and made ten trips down the mountain and it was absolutely (surprisingly) awesome. No thin coverage. No bare areas. Just great snow, top to bottom. We hit up several trails and stayed over on the upper slopes most of the time we were there. Traffic was brisk on the trails but lift lines were anywhere from 0-2 minutes long all night long. The snow on the edges of the slopes was mid-season like. To say that I was more than a little surprised would be an understatement.

I’m getting ready to head out for some powder, first-tracks and I’ll make some vids and take some photos and share in a bit.

Be sure to check the SNOW REPORTS as I’ve updated those…

Email me your comments, thoughts, photos, vids or anything else you like at [email protected]  

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