SkiNC Summit to be held at Beech Mountain today! Great Conditions Everywhere!

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I was up this morning at 6am so that I could get this morning’s post up and the snow report and still make it to the SkiNC Summit Official Parking Lot at Beech Mountain Resort as close to 8am as I could.

As I checked the weather for today I could not be happier that Meteorologist Brad Panovich missed today’s high temp forecast. On Friday he was forecasting a high today of 15°. Dr. Ray and the National Weather Service were both prognosticating a high of around 27° and from what I’m seeing this morning that will be about right. …and that will make for just about awesome conditions for me and about 193 of my closest, snow-loving, ski and snowboarding crazies that are converging on Beech Mountain during the day today. Several have posted up over on the messageboard that they will beat me to the parking lot and get the party started.

That is very cool. As I crashed last night we were at 180 attendees and when I checked and began running the numbers of last minute committments and "can’t make its" we rose to 200 and came to a rest at 194 attendees. That is awesome as we really just started promoting this party on Monday. Five days later – 194 people. All I can say is wow! …and thanks.

If you’ve been wavering on coming…just come join us anyway. We’ll be giving away some stuff…and a bunch of free lift passes to enjoy these awesome conditions for the remainder of the season.


Weather gurus across the region are now talking about the potential for "the biggest snow of the season" to arrive on Tuesday of this week. This has got to be one of the best "biggest snows of the season" seasons. Nearly every storm that has come in this season has been a big one. This has also been a season in which the North Carolina mountains has seen about the same kind of snowfall totals as the normally snow-rich state of West Virginia. WV ski areas have seen their share of great snow, so don’t misinterpret my statement. Three of the four WV ski resorts have surpassed the 100" mark on the season with Canaan Valley leading the way with 129.8" of snow. However Beech Mountain has seen 106" of its own.

If meteorologists are correct about the storm heading our way Tuesday through Thursday of this next week, we may see another foot or more added to some ski area natural snow totals. On Friday several weather peeps were already excited about how this next system could BLOW UP. Fox News was even hyping it into New England as perhaps the biggest snow storm of the season.

This morning things seem to have waned a bit, however all of the weather gurus are saying that this setup has been going back and forth between just providing some significant snows to being a Blizzard. We haven’t heard the latest from the weatherman who never sleeps – Brad Panovich. When we do, we’ll pass it on.

The National Weather Service and Dr. Ray seem to be settling right now on a good snow event for Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. The system may be setting up a little more southerly than first thought and depending on where the LOW develops and how strong it develops…will play the major factor in just how much snow we all see out of this one. Blizzard? Maybe. Good snow regardless…probably. We’re certain Brad will fill us in later today or Sunday and when he does, we’ll fill you in.


Brad Panovich was sharing Friday that we’re beginning to see a break down in the great blocking scheme that Ma Nature has been throwing old La Niña all season long. What was SUPPOSED to be a "challenging season" according to most every weather guru from Herb Stevens the Skiing Weatherman, to Joe Bastardi, to Dr Ray, to Oprah Winfrey…has been anything but. I guess it HAS been challenging in terms of keeping the roads clear of snow. Heck my driveway is still covered in it.

According to Brad, that blocking is breaking down as fast as the Carolina Panthers’ did all season long. The thought would be "Oh No!" now that Ma Nature has lost her ability to block La Niña we’ll be in for some thaw, etc.

Not so says Panovich. He said BECAUSE of the way this winter has gone, once the blocking mechanism breaks down it will allow all of that frigid, arctic air to funnel down into the Southeast and Mid Atlantic and he thinks we’re in for a very cold and snowy finish to the season.

So much for all those pre-season prognosticators! I think the acorns, fogs in August and Farmer’s Almanac nailed it; Brad came closer than any humans that we heard from (see his video that is still on our video page) and I guess these next two months will tell the tale.

I’m wrapping up and heading the Beech. Enjoy your day wherever you’re chilling today and we’ll post up some photos and videos on Sunday.

Email me at [email protected]  and tell me about the snow in your area. Send pics when you can!

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