Skiing in Atlanta – Maybe?


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With the cold weather that has returned across the Southeast one diehard snow lover has taken things into his own hands.  While Mother Nature may be delivering some unexpected snow to Atlanta right about now – one young fellow decided to do a little snowmaking of his own.  Occasionally we’ve received some backyard snowmaking photos and some we’re pretty impressive.  Some people have rigged some impressive nozzles and compressors together and actually made enough snow to turn an entire backyard white with an inch or so of snow.

What makes this little story warranted is not that Logan Tuura of Atlanta made snow; it’s that he made just enough snow to form a “slope” just wide enough to ski on.  When I say “just wide enough to ski on” I mean one shoulder width of snow.

Logan wrote us, “Hi SkiNC. Last night I enjoyed 4-5 inches of fresh snow on the 7’ vertical, tucker terrain park(aka my backyard).  I had a nice PVC flat-down rail set up.  My friend and I were treated to a nice groomed surface(see the pics) thanks to our new park bully (our rake).

Unfortunately, the photos from last night didn’t turn out very well, so I took some this morning and the 4-5 inches of fresh ice shavings from the ice rink turned into 2-3 inches of pure ice.  With a little work from the groomers, we were able to create some nice frozen granular and variable conditions.  Now, unfortunately, do to underdeveloped snow, our snow is gone, which serves to show just how important base depths are! Thanks.”

The extent that some people will go!

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