Skiing and Riding Ahead for the Weekend!

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Friday is here and the work week is almost over.  Personally, I am ready for it!  It’s not because I don’t like my job, I love it.  But, I’m pretty excited because tomorrow morning is Beech Mountain’s opening day and I am ready to get out there!  I’ll talk more about Beech in a minute.

Temperatures this morning across the region are pretty chilly here in North Carolina.  However, temps became inverted once again last night.  Frost covered the ground and my car this morning here in Foscoe while the temperature at Beech, a good 2000 feet higher, is 37.  Go figure.

It looks like Cat is making snow or just got done making snow based on their webcam.  They are opening tomorrow to what should be some very nice conditions.  A reminder that Sunday is their annual Can-U-Ski Food and Coat Drive.  Bring 10 cans of food or more and/or a warm winter coat and you will receive a free full day lift ticket!  It’s an awesome event that they do every year and what’s better than getting free skiing/riding while also helping out the less fortunate at the same time?  Nothing!

Sugar is reporting that they are making snow even though the temp at the base is above freezing at the moment and 38 at top.  They’ll be turning those guns off very shortly, meaning another bluebird day of riding up there.  I stopped by yesterday and things looked very nice out there.  Check out messageboard member mmmoves trip report from yesterday by going HERE.

<<<< Messageboard member carvebeast looks like he was having a fun time at Sugar yesterday.

Beech did not make any snow last night but based on what I saw yesterday up there I think they will be in fine shape to open tomorrow.  They saw a pretty decent amount of snow and also made snow around the clock for a good 48 hours or so this week.  A bunch of us from the messageboard will be out there tomorrow morning so make sure to look for us!  We’ll also be grilling out breakfast in the parking lot early in the morning.  It should be some good times up there tomorrow.

Those are the only resorts in the region that will be open this weekend but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones working hard to get things ready.  App was hoping to open this weekend, but announced yesterday that they will hold off until they get a longer window of opportunity to make snow and provide a quality product. 

Up into West Virginia, Snowshoe has been at it and will open next weekend.  Winterplace is making snow whenever possible too.  I can’t wait for the new web cam to get installed up there so we can see all the happenings going on.  The new weather station will also be nice so we can get real time, accurate temperature readings every morning.  Look for both of these to be up and running next week.

The cam at Canaan shows a nice layer of white covering the ground up there.  They haven’t started reporting anything yet but I saw the snow guns on yesterday when I looked at the webcam.  That’s always a good sign.  I believe they are planning to open next weekend (Dec 10) as well.  I’d imagine similar stuff is happening at Timberline as well.  They open on Thursday.

The resorts into Virginia haven’t been able to get things going yet but as soon as temperatures allow for snowmaking you can bet they will start cranking out the snow.

Well, that’s all for this morning.  Everyone enjoy your weekend!  It’s going to be a beautiful few days with bluebird skies and mild temps so if you can, get on the slopes!

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