September Offers Numerous Adventures at YOUR Favorite Mountain

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September in the mountains…

Photo taken late October 2016 at the foot of Beech Mountain in Banner Elk. Click to Enlarge.

The air begins to chill ever so slightly – particularly at night when temps often dip into the 40s. Daytime temps can still feel summer-like as the sun bakes off those chilly mornings. Sugar Maples are always the first trees to offer nature’s own “movie trailer” of what to expect out of the Autumn colors in October.

I love all seasons in their own time. Summers are always hard to let go of as my family certainly knows how to get every drop out of each summer – whether at the lake or hiking around the surrounding ridges. However, I do have a special affinity for Autumn. I always have – even when growing up around the midlands of South Carolina. Fall festivals and that crisp feeling in the air is hard not to like.

Autumn in the mountains is simply what fall is like in your “flat land” location…but on steroids. There is no coincidence to the fact that I moved to the mountains from Columbia, South Carolina in October of 1990. The very first day that I called Seven Devils, NC “home” – I drove on a road of patch-work color from leaves that blanketed a damp Devils Lake Drive. It was almost like being a participant in one of those new-car commercials where they are always driving on such a road. If I had not already been in love with Autumn – THAT would have done it for me.

September offers a mix of warm-to-hot days, followed the next few days by cool temps that leave you with a bit of a chill…followed again by days that might even rival the high temps of July. If you’re fortunate enough to time a visit to the mountains “just right”, you may start your day wearing a flannel shirt, and by lunch time you’ll want to peel that off and go with short sleeves.

Lots to Do!

September is also a time that offers a ton of mountain adventure at the various ski resort, mountain communities. Most mountain communities around the Southeast and mid-Atlantic offer music festivals, entertainment and many of the ski areas offer zip-lining, golf, scenic chair lift rides and more.

We’ve been getting a lot of input from our various ski area partners and we’ve shared some of the cooler videos below. Stay tuned for much more in the coming days! Come join us for a weekend!

Snowshoe Mountain features their “2017 Freefall Festival Sept 1-3”

If you’re headed to Snowshoe, WV check out Snowshoe’s RZR tours of the mountain:

Snowshoe RZR Tours and the Backcountry Hut.

Here’s one more offering from Snowshoe’s Raven Golf Course. Golf in September…awesome!

Here is cool adventure at Massanutten Resort in Virginia!

Since we are talking “Virginia” check out what is offered at Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Va!

Feel free to email me at [email protected] for more information or with any input, questions or suggestions and stay tuned for more soon. Until next time…

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