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We’re getting a nice little cold snap right now.  Even better is that Snowshoe is currently under a Winter Weather Advisory until 11 this morning.  Winter is not done yet – don’t call it a comeback.

Herb Stevens, the West Virginia Skiing Weatherman, uploaded a new video for us this morning where he talks about the weather and conditions you can expect this week and weekend.  Check out his latest here.  Herb also gives us a really good rundown of the goings on at the West Virginia resorts this weekend. 

Hey – have you guys heard that Skisoutheast is heading up to Snowshoe this weekend?  From what I’ve heard from the folks up there, they’re getting close to booking up for the weekend.  If you have not made your reservation yet, stop reading this and call – NOW.  Herb is predicting a snow event for Saturday!

We’re getting a little off track here, let me try to bring it back by looking at what has happened since we last spoke.  Both Canaan Valley and Timberline received more snow yesterday, overnight, and right now.

Snowing at Canaan Valley Ski Resort
Big Fluffy Flakes at Canaan Valley

The other resorts, the ones without the snow of the past 2 days, have been holding up OK but are sure looking forward to the return of colder temps.  Appalachian lost 2-4” of their base since last update but is still looking good with 36-78”.  Cataloochee and Massanutten are both reporting a loss of 2” of base with Cat at 56-86” and Mass at 44”.  Down but far from being out.  One last thing of note, Cat is down 2 trails to 15 or 17.  If you remember, Cat was one of the first mountains to open up to 100% this season.

Snow is in the forecast starting today for the Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia resorts.  We should see it down here in North Carolina starting tonight.  All is pretty quiet down here except for the trees up at Appalachian Ski Mountain who are getting their grove on and as a consequence a Pollen Alert has been issued.

The 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi have come and gone.  Since I started talking about the Olympics here I think I would be remiss not to post how it all ended. 

Medal Counts

1. Russian Fed.:  33 Metals – 13 Gold, 11 Silver, 9 Bronze
2. Norway:  26 Metals – 11 Gold, 5 Silver, 10 Bronze
3. Canada:  25 Metals – 10 Gold, 10 Silver, 5 Bronze
4. United States:  28 Metals – 9 Gold, 7 Silver, 12 Bronze
5. Netherlands:  24 Metals – 8 Gold, 7 Silver, 9 Bronze
6. Germany:  19 Metals – 8 Gold, 6 Silver, 5 Bronze
7. Switzerland:  11 Metals – 6 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze
8. Belarus:  6 Metals – 5 Gold, 0 Silver, 1 Bronze
9. Austria:  17 Metals – 4 Gold, 8 Silver, 5 Bronze
10. France:  15 Metals – 4 Gold, 4 Silver, 7 Bronze

As far as Alpine Skiing goes, Mikaela Shiffrin took gold in the Women’s Slolam at 18 years old.  Ted Ligety also took gold in the Men’s Giant Slalom, while Andrew Weibrecht got silver in the Men’s Suger-G, and Julia Mancuso snagged a very rewarding bronze in the Women’s Super Combined.

In Freestyle Skiing, Maddie Bowman took gold in the Ladies’ Ski Halfpipe and David Wise took the gold in the Men’s Ski Halfpipe.  We swept the Men’ Ski Slopestyle with Joss Christensen taking gold, Gus Kenworthy silver, and Nicholas Goepper taking bronze.  Devin Logan took the silver in the Ladies’ Ski Slopestyle while Hannah Kearney bringing the bronze home for the US in Ladies’ Moguls.

On the snowboarding side of things, Alex Deibold grabbed the bronze in the Men’s Snowboard Cross, Kaitlyn Farrington got gold in the Ladies’ Halfpipe and Kelly Clark got bronze.  Jamie Anderson brought home the gold in Ladies’ Slopestyle while Sage Kotsenburg did the same in the Men’s.

We pretty much dominated snowboarding by taking the gold in 3 of the 4 events.

OK, a quick look at today and then I’ll let you go.  For the most part just about everyone has cloud cover today, so very little sun will come through for you today.  The temps are 20s and 30s for West Virginia and Virginia, with 30s and 40s here in North Carolina.  Wisp in Maryland will make it to the mid-20s.  Snow has already started in West Virginia and will move south and east as the day progresses.

Take Care!

Tim Bahlke
Drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you think or with suggestions on what we could be doing better.


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