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Okay…maybe another update or two! Yesterday, we reported that we would be posting only one more closing update for this season. We’ll put a few finishing touches on the season with a couple of stories over the next week and then that will be it. However, we DID have to report this morning that if you were among those that emailed us earlier in the week asking about the weather for this weekend…AND you took our advice and made the trip to Snowshoe this weekend…boy are you going to love us! They are expecting snow and heavy at times tonight and Sunday. How’s that for a way to finish off the season?

At 8:45am they are getting THUNDER SNOW and HEAVY FLAKES! Several forecasters are saying this could be a good size snow storm!

They will have near winter-like temps for today and Sunday. Not frigid, but cold enough to make it feel right…and 3-6" of snow from the storm…with possibly MORE.

So you guys can thank us later.

A couple of people emailed us yesterday thinking that we were passing an April Fool’s joke and it took some copy/paste weather data to convince them to pack up the vehicles and make the trip…but several replied that they were on their way. I imagine their possibly up there and because of a little rain that is falling right now…they are thinking they got snookered. Once the snow starts falling we’ll probably be able to hear their screams of delight.

There’s some fun activities going on at Snowshoe, Timberline and Wintergreen Resorts today. We’ve detailed the schedules several times over the last week so if you want to look at those…click the archive link at the bottom. Truth is…if you’re reading this…you’re going to miss the fun…unless of course you’re THERE already!

Have a great weekend.

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