Really Good Conditions and Even a Little Bit of Powder Is In Store For Today

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Check the snow report page for all of the resort slope conditions at a glance. See:

Alright, what another great looking morning across the region. It’s not snowy like it was yesterday, but the fresh snow and bluebird skies are making for some pretty awesome looking views on the cameras this morning.

Yesterday’s reality check reminded us that we still have a few weeks of winter left. I didn’t even realize that this weekend is the beginning of daylight savings time. Winter isn’t officially over until March 20th though, so hopefully we have a few more weeks of colder weather left. Here are the snowfall totals for this latest storm.

App – "a couple inches"
Beech – 5"
Sugar – 6"
Cat – no official total but it looks like an inch or two maybe

Winterplace – 7"
Snowshoe – 9"
Canaan Valley – 11"
Timberline – 9.5"

Massanutten – 3-5"
Wintergreen – 6"

Those are some pretty decent numbers, especially for March. They are even more significant in a winter like this where this storm was probably one of the top three or four in terms of how much snow fell, especially for the Virginia resorts. It’s good to see those guys get a decent dose of natural snow.

<<< Massanutten saw 3-5" of snow yesterday and things are looking really good this morning up there.

Wintergreen is reporting 6" of natural snow from this storm.  This pic from yesterday shows some pretty sweet looking conditions at the Virginia resort. >>>

Beech and Sugar are the big winners here in NC. However, App made snow in addition to seeing a few inches of natural. That place is looking AMAZING right now. It looks more like peak season conditions rather than early March. They should have no problem staying open through their scheduled closing date of March 24th. I’ll give credit to Sugar as well. They’re making snow this morning and conditions up there should be pretty fun today. Cataloochee made snow too. They’re automated snowmaking this year has really been crucial. You can tell a difference.

I was checking out the messageboard last night and I got so bummed when I came across brookbarrel’s trip report from Snowshoe yesterday. It looked pretty freakin awesome up there, and of course that would happen the day after I leave. Carl is a powderhound. That guy always finds the goods somehow.

<<< I’d say yesterday could be classified as a powder day at Snowshoe.  What do you think?

The rest of West Virginia looks really good as well. Winterplace posted a bunch of pics on their Facebook page from yesterday. The 7" of snow they received should make for some fantastic skiing and riding today. They are also offering discounted late season rates so definitely head up there if you can.

Canaan and Timberline should be pretty sweet today too. I’m a little confused this morning on their snow reports though. Usually I use the site for snow totals. However, that site is down and those two resorts have somewhat differing snow totals this morning. Canaan is reporting 2" in the last 24 hours and 10" in the past 48. Timberline is showing 7" in the past 24 hours. I’ll have to email those places today and see what’s up. They are side by side so they should have similar numbers and not a 5" difference. Either way, powder conditions are in effect up there this morning.

I really hope that next season we can get some uniformity in terms of snow reports at all of the resorts. Each ski resort differs somewhat in the way that they display their info and what not. It can be difficult some mornings to gather all the info in a timely manner. Some resorts don’t even have snowfall numbers listed. Cataloochee has spot on their snow report where they either say yes or no for natural snow, but they don’t quantify it. That’s why I had to guess and say that they had an inch or two based on what I saw on the cams yesterday.

In general, I think that Snowshoe has the best snow report. I’m not trying to kiss up to them because we just had the summit, but it’s the truth. If you go to their snow report page, they list out the most important info that you need. New snowfall since yesterday morning, snowfall to date, and whether or not snowmaking occurred in the past day are all right there and these are the three that I mainly have problems with sometimes. Hopefully next season everyone will add these three variables to their snow reports.

Snowshoe’s snow report.  Clear, concise, informative. This is all the crucial info that you need to know and it’s all laid out there every morning. >>>

So what are we looking at in terms of weather over the next couple of days? Spring-like conditions that’s what. Today and tomorrow will see a moderation of temperatures and the recent dose of snow should make for some really fun skiing and riding. It doesn’t look like any snowmaking will be going on in the next few days, but it is March after all. If you can get out and make some turns, do so. We only have a few more weeks left and then it’s a LONG 8 months!

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