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When it comes to snowboards – snowboarders are simply pretty 'bullish' on getting the look and ride that they want out of their board.

If you're a snowboarder and reading this story, you might want to check out Donek Custom Snowboards out of Colorado.

Donek is a small company with a very dedicated and creative staff of riders and craftsmen. From their shop in Colorado, Donek has been handcrafting some of the best boards and skis in the world since 1987. When you place an order for a Donek board or ski, they will help you determine which model you fits your needs best. Then they custom tailor the dimensions to you. Simply put, these guys offer an unparallelled level of consultation and customization that will go a long way to making you a very satisfied customer.

"I think a passion for making a super, high-quality, high-performance product is really what makes us different", says Sean Martin (President and CEO of Donek Snowboards).

What makes Donek unique is the fact that they not only custom make their products, but it's all digitally custom design and implemented. Many companies use CNC machines to custom cut boards, but Donek even uses special, custom programming to help set the specs that each of their customers needs from the performance side of things.

That kind of attention to ride and the performance of the ride is something that sits well with their customers.

One of Donek's many satified customers and a member of Donek's team of riders is Converse Fields and he says, "Donek's one of a very few custom snowboard makers who can create this kind of high quality, high performance board and especially with the kind of quick turn around that they can do."

Sean Martin is proud to share, "My boards…they have a lot of science behind them."

Fields adds, "I ride Donek because Sean is such a great guy to work and deal with and I trust every board that I get from them."

Snowboard Tech Kevin Kline

One of Donek's snowboard technicians, Kevin Kline adds, "What makes our boards special is Sean. The engineering that he puts into all of this is really what makes it a craft."

Martin stated, "I listen to riders; I listen to athletes; I listen to my customers and I really try to understand what they're asking for and we're always trying to improve on our products."


That's yet another aspect of Donek that is unique and really second to none. Simply put, they make the entire process painless and very easy for you, the rider/buyer.

All you have to do is:

1. Select the board and size you want. Their staff will work with you to discern just what you're looking for from your ride.

2. You then select OR DESIGN the graphic you want to have on your board.

3. You can call Donek to consult with an engineer to ensure you've chosen the board that best fits your needs.

4. Once ordered, your board will be entered into their build list.

THAT'S IT. Start to finish the entire process takes about two weeks! They won't charge you a penny until your board is finished and shipped and they can ship using FedEx's 3 days service!


Donek pioneered the use of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment in board production. This equipment enables them to move from concept to prototype in about 6 hours rather than the 2 weeks most manufacturers require. Their integration of CNC equipment also makes it possible for them to produce custom boards completely tailored to individual riders at reasonable prices.


Sean shared, "People often ask where the name Donek came from. When we began making boards in 1987, a friend was breeding Donek Yugoslavian acrobatic pigeons. These birds dive doing an axial roll and fly faster than a peregrine falcon. Their speed, flight, and freestyle nature made the name Donek an obvious choice."


What began as a basement/garage hobby while he was still in high school became his passion in life. Martin studied mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder and after graduating college in 1993 he worked for a time at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. All the while he continued building boards and subsequently began looking for a position with some of the more well-known manufacturers.

"Frustration with the old boys club mentality in the industry finally led me to incorporating Donek Snowboards and pursuing my first production projects in 1995", says Donek's CEO.

There's much more to the story, but the rest (as they say) is history.

As mentioned before, you can provide your own graphics or sample some of theirs.

Click here: <<- see topsheets for skis  <<- monoskis  <<- snowboards

Visit their website at for more information such as pricing etc, but from what we're seeing pricing is in the $750-$950 range for skis or boards.

Call Donek toll free at 1-855-GO DONEK or locally at: 1-303-261-0100. You can email them at [email protected]

You can check out Donek's team riders at:

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