Our Readers Provide Input Into the Current Conditions at the Ski Resorts

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massanutten resort photos

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – we have the best readership around. On Monday, we shared some reader responses and comments about the current conditions at various resorts in the southeast and mid-Atlantic. Those reader comments came in response to many people who just assume that there is no snow due to the mild stretch of weather that we’ve experienced.

Here are two more:

Mike, forgot camera yesterday, so no pics of relatively empty slopes on 19Feb.  We skied until 6:00pm.  Anyone who started after 4:00 probably had a good time.  With fewer people, there were fewer piles of pushed around snow on all the trails.  Much better than Sat evening.  That was the only day that felt like a holiday weekend.

Here are a few pics of the snow coverage first thing this morning.  Was warmer today so a bit too soft by 11:30am.  Place was very empty, as I expected.  At Mnut, a lot of people check out on Mon morning and don’t bother to ski/board before they drive home.  With the warm weather, even fewer people were on the slopes.  Usually more locals.

Was a good day for younger kids in ski school.  No jackets required. 😉


(All photos were taken at Massanutten by Meimei. (Thanks Meimei!)

massanutten resort photos
Pretty deep at the base of Lift 3 for Geronimo (green) at Massanutten Resort in Virginia. Photo by Meimei Ma
Side-to-Side on Showtime (blue, center), Southern Comfort (green, right) is narrow but no thin spots. Click to Enlarge
Looking down Diamond Jim (black) towards Southern Comfort. Click to Enlarge
Start of Paradice at the summit, off Lift 6, side-to-side coverage

Another longtime reader contributes the following


You and I have talked before…years ago…and I love your website and webcams. I used to ski all the SE resorts regularly until a car accident left me disabled. Now I just live my former ski days through the live cams. Anyway, I’m also a weather forecaster. There is no way any forecaster, no matter how reliable they seem, can truly predict anything with more than 50% confidence beyond 4 days.

I am telling you, winter is not over. The longest, coldest pattern OF THIS WINTER may be setting up for March as I write this. If the cold air does break through to the East, there will also be some good natural snows along with the cold.

In the “short term”, look for snow making temps to return this upcoming weekend…around Sat/Sat night. Yes, this upcoming week will be tough. But winter is definitely not over. Keep up the great work! Regards, Vincent Richards

P.S. Below are graphic “forecasts” for the first half of March.Confidence? Who knows. But beyond the end of this week, the truth is nobody knows!




Thanks to Meimei and Vincent for their input. If YOU have a comment or photos (or videos) you wish to contribute – drop me an email at: [email protected]

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